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There Must Be A Reason

There must be a reason why the latest ios update includes the following, new  feature:   Those of you with dogs and horses are probably still recovering from last night and the fireworks.  My wife was in Houston with our … Continue reading

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Resume Enhancement

Most of this week has been spent home with the dogs.   In addition to our two Labs, I am dog sitting Megan and Andrew’s two rescues for a few weeks  while Megan is back in Houston for surgery and my … Continue reading

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The Best Is Yet To Come?

Today is July 1st. 2020 is half over. Before I get into my topic, Happy Canada Day to the my readers “North of the Border” We are halfway through the year and aside from George Orwell and Rod Serling, not … Continue reading

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A Change In Routine

Fifteen minutes after I woke up on Father’s Day, I received a telephone call from our youngest daughter. “How nice,” I thought as I saw her caller ID. “She was calling me early to tell me what a great dad … Continue reading

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A Decade Of Unconditional Love

Big Red and Mackenzie, aka “The Twins” are ten years old today. We first saw them a few days after they were born and its probably safe to say that they haven’t been apart for more than a few hours … Continue reading

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Seeing Sun Through The Fog

This has been a very challenging Spring, OK…year. The unusually cool and breezy weather we have enjoyed the last few weeks has been replaced by the heat, humidity and gnats that South Carolina is famous for.  Opened, screened windows have … Continue reading

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It’s A Great Day . . .

“It’s A Great Day in South Carolina” If you ever made a telephone call to a South Carolina state office, those are the first words you hear, but do you know how it came to be? Well, this is how … Continue reading

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Who Is Talking To Who?

Who is talking to who? It’s a 50/50 toss-up But you know what? It doesn’t matter.  

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It’s All About Perspective

Humans in the Spring of 2020:   “I can’t believe what we are going through.” Vacations canceled, shopping curtailed, we can’t go out to eat and I have to cook.” THIS IS THE WORST YEAR EVER!! Dogs in the Spring … Continue reading

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A Coincidence?

Could it simply be a coincidence that “dog” is “God” spelled backward? I think not. Adeline and her Selby, her 24 hour a day companion. PS… this was not a staged photo. . . it is a snapshot of their … Continue reading

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