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Living between Aiken & Charleston,, South Carolina, USA, I like to share what I am looking at, thinking about or listening to. I refer to this as the view out my window. Thanks for stopping by.

Not A Hill Of Beans

Many years ago I was taught a poem by my mentor and friend, Todd VanBeck. It is a poem that shares the the experience of the life’s work I have chosen and toiled at. This afternoon I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Giving In

Since giving up television six weeks ago, I have spent some of my down time watching  YouTube videos… some full length movies and some shorter video clips.  Many of those videos are musical and range from Gregorian Chant to Buxtehude … Continue reading

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Aside from my grandchildren, this is one of the most beautiful photographs I ever recall seeing. I cannot stop looking at it. I’ll leave it at that. Thanks to bluehome91, in-my-minds-eye-2349 & mutant-distraction

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An Essential Characteristic

The essential characteristic of philosophy, which makes it a study distinct from science, is criticism. It examines critically the principles employed in science and in daily life; it searches out any inconsistencies there may be in these principles, and it … Continue reading

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Life In The Crater

An Official Throw Back Thursday Post. It was during July of 2007 that I went on a mission trip to Africa.  Our 21 days were spent between South Africa (beginning and end) and Tanzania, where we worked in Arusha, Moshi … Continue reading

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Internet Friendship

Bonus Feature: This is a picture of my grandson, Theodore. At five months old, he already knows the difference between a real football and a soccer ball. He has made his choice, although it pains his father who was, I … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcent

I thought about writing this post back in the Springtime, but forgot.  Today, while driving from Aiken to Columbia on I-20 and then from Columbia to Charleston on I-77 and then I-26 I noticed something that reminded me how important … Continue reading

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Climbing The Stepstool?

Have you ever known someone, or more than one person, whose climb up the company step stool  was accelerated because they were constantly telling the boss how smart she or he was? I’ve known several since I started working almost … Continue reading

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Little Changed at 1520

While driving to work in the September darkness this morning, it was announced that Autumn would commence at 3:20pm this afternoon, (1520 using 24-hour time). Living in the lowcountry of South Carolina has many benefits, but “Autumn” is not one … Continue reading

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Getting Worried

When I first started blogging in February of 2010, I managed to get something posted every day. . . and some days, more than one.  As time has marched on, I find that most of the interesting stories of my … Continue reading

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