Let There Be Randomness

Every once in a while, Master Blogger Steve Layman cleans off his desktop and it looks something like this.

Just Another Dose of Randomness.


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I Know This To Be True

I’ll eventually get to my point of the title.

I’m back from the road trip from South Carolina New Jersey for my dad’s funeral.

It was a sad trip, but he was ready and while my mom might not agree,  it was time. While the last twelve months of his eighty-eight years tested his resolve, he had a good run and the several hundred family and friends that came to the visitation and funeral provided a living eulogy. Interestingly enough, I smiled and laughed more than I cried. The stories and hugs held mom and the rest of the family up.

View from the front seat of the limo. Thank you, Station 61 for honoring my father.

His funeral reflected his Catholic faith and paid tribute to his service as a police chief and Navy veteran. I think he would of approved how his life was honored.

Now, with that noted, I drove while the rest of the family flew to NJ.  I like the flexibility of driving, plus I looked forward to having some time alone with my thoughts and memories. The trip, made in one day usually takes around 11-12 hours. One needs to have something to listen to for such a trip.

Cue: Spotify.

Luckily, we have unlimited data because I used a copious amount, listening to a plethora of music from bands that I’ve come to  enjoy over time.

One such band is Sister Hazel. I first saw them perform with Hootie and The Blowfish at the “Monday After The Masters”  in 1997 when it was held at The Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC.  I’ve been a fan ever since and have seen them more times than I can count.

Below is a song that I’ve never heard before it came accross the mix. It is Sister Hazel, with Darius Rucker (of Hootie & The Blowfish and a stellar solo career)

The song, while simple and maybe even silly, summed up my time in the car this week and I’m just glad that sterring wheels don’t tell stories.

Everybody needs a go-to Karaoke song.  I know this to be true.

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The Memories Pile Up

Times like this are never easy, but the love and respect shared by friends and colleagues dull the pain and even brings the occasional smile.

Our earliest picture together…him reading to me 56 years ago!

It’s interesting how much you learn about someone you thought you knew when you read what people say about them after they died.  I’ve been learning a lot about dad today.

When we boil it on down, life is about making memories and I hold a plethora of memories of dad in my heart. . .  the oldest one goes all the way back to 1963 when dad, my grandmother (his mother in law) and I were shopping in an S&H Green stamps store in Elizabeth, NJ. when the announcement was made that President Kennedy had been assassinated.  Not a happy memory, but a memory nonetheless.

One of our final,  happy memories that we shared almost a year ago was our last dinner, (mom too) at Tony Da Caneca Portuguese Restuarant in Down Neck Newark. It was one of his and my favorite places, He was already failing, but as you can see by the picture, he had a great time. Soon, there will be a return, memorial visit.

I hope the memories never fade away.

When dad died, there was nothing left to be said between us.  We both knew where we stood with each other and talked almost daily for as long as I can remember.  No regrets and I’m proud to be known as “Lenny’s son.” I only hope that I can live up to his legacy.

The funeral has been scheduled and you can find his obituary and service schedule by clicking on this link.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

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The Chief

Chief Leonard R. Visotski, ret.

aka:  Dad

1st Police Chief of Warren Twp. NJ

 18 June 1931 – 6 September  2019

Arrangements will be announced by Higgins Home For Funerals

Watchung, NJ

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A Conundrum . . . And A Blessing

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”
— E. B. White

Courtesy of Tina over at SwissMiss blog.

We were fortunate that Dorian’s fury never got West of Columbia, so all we had today was a gentle breeze and partly cloudy skies.

While in Columbia this evening, I stopped in to see you know who.


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Go Figure

Yesterday, I wrote a story entitled Bloggers Block, making the excuse for why I got off my regular blogging schedule.

OK, I was whining.

So, what are the results?

  • More than twice as many views as my next best day during the last month.
  • 11 (eleven) new, WP followers!
  • A comment suggesting I simply post daily pictures of my dogs, my granddaughter and someone else’s’ cats. (I can only assume Andrew would send me pictures  of his cats)
  • My daughter, and mother of our granddaughter, sent me a video by some guy named  Thomas Rhett.
  • Great song.  Especially the line:  “You make your plans and you hear God laughin'”


Here is another picture of Adeline with her dog, Selby.

It’s too bad that Selby is already 12 years old, but she will still be teaching Adeline that dogs are special in your life.



I guess I’m back in the game.

Big day tomorrow.

No laughing, God, OK?

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Blogger’s Block

During the nine and a half years I have been blogging, there were a handful of times that I claimed to suffer from “Blogger’s Block.”  Those proclamations were usually followed by my getting energized and becoming a “Prolific Blogger”.

I hope that happens again as I feel stale and it took me several days just to get to this.

It is interesting how life and pursuits evolve over the years. What was once important has been discarded and replaced.

I love blogging and once I get my mojo back (which could possibly be in 20 minutes) I will again share the view from my window.

In the meantime, I’ll share a photo of our 5-week old, Adeline Louise, who I will admit is garnering much of my attention.

That, however, will not change.




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The House Is Empty, My Folks Are Gone.

I was in 8th grade math class, Warren Middle School,  and I still can see him walking into the room and the shirt he was wearing.

Bob Baro and his “Smokin” shirt. Bob was ahead of his age when it came to music and he unknowingly introduced me to bands such as Slade, Mott The Hoople, MC5 and of course, Humble Pie.

The shirt and album were my introduction to the band and the genesis of my appreciation for their music. A few issues of CREEM Magazine and the “Fillmore”, double-live album and I was hooked.

For whatever reason, I was thinking of the late, great Steve Marriott this morning. Steve had a stage presence like no other.

Back from the days of great concerts. Memories for those of us who experienced them and a reminder to the kids who missed out on some great times.

Did any of you ever see Humble Pie Live?

Originally from the Smokin’ album . . .

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Another American First

A stained glass window found in the Corpus Christi Chapel at “The Grotto”

Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American born Saint of the Catholic Church was born on this day in 1774 in New York City.

A strong, resilient and Holy woman, the website honoring her life provides a brief review of her life here.

Her wiki entry is here.

“Mother Seton” spent several years in Emmitsburg, Maryland, ministering and teaching in the area which is now Mt. St. Mary’s University. (I attended “The Mount” 1978-1982, when it was still a “College”)

My connection to her is strong, as I have walked the same paths she did. I have sat on her “rock” and prayed where she prayed. Someday, I will be laid to rest in the “Seton Grove” of the College cemetery, high up on Mary’s Mountain, overlooking the campus and surrounding valley.

Today, let us learn about, remember and honor the Life of the first, American born Saint.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. . .  Pray for us.

I took this photograph only last week when I visited The Mount on my way to see my parents. There is something extra special about walking the Grotto in the rain.

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Home Again

Earlier this evening I returned from a 5-day sojourn up to visit my parents in New Jersey. Today’s drive lasted exactly 13 hours, (0700-2000) which is almost two hours longer than normal.

Dad is dealing with some pretty serious health issues and I wanted to go up and visit with him and mom. As usual, even though I’m almost 60, I transition into a teenager as I travel around the area where I grew up. So much has changed, but there is just enough to remind me that it once was home.

I have not blogged in almost a week and have read very few during the same time.  My apologies to the folks I read daily.  I’ll get caught up with blogging after I get caught up with my sleep.

It was good to see my parents.

It’s good to be home.

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