Patience:  What you have when there are too many witnesses.


Martha…no patience when it came to scoffing down a Beignet in Baton Rouge a few months ago.

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“Listen in silence because if your heart is full of other things, you cannot hear the voice of God. . .  The essential thing is not what we say, but what God says to us and through us”

Martha, listening to the silence at the Boathouse, Savannah River, Augusta, GA

Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

I have only recently learned the wisdom of this quote and doubt I will ever forget it.

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Just Because

I stumbled on this incredible cover of my favorite S&G song, first released just after my 9th birthday.


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Today is the 243rd birthday of The United States Marine Corps.

Why the Marine Corps Birthday Matters.

Here’s to all my buddies who served in the USMC.  This song brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it and I have made it my official, USMC tribute song. Stick with it to the end and those of you who play guitar will quickly realize what a beautiful and complicated arrangement Willy Porter created.



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“Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance.”

G. K. Chesterton– The Speaker, Dec. 15, 1900

Out of all the people of history, GK would be the one that I would want to have that park bench chat with.

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“I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.”

Charles Schultz interpreted here by Martha




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You Are Welcome

Winter seems far away as the temperature was in the 80’s today and we are having severe thunderstorms as I compose this.

I wish I remember where I found this so I can give credit where it is due, but I do not.

Fourteen variations on a theme and I’m laying down the challenge to try them all before the end of the year.

Anyone else in?

You are welcome.

hot chocolate

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As the sun sets, the poll results begin to appear.

Regardless of the outcome, the sun will rise tomorrow and I can be the master of my destiny.

Anything else is manageable.

Hwy 278, Barnwell, SC
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“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”

Don Marquis

Just a random photo I took a few years ago.  Coming attractions
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And Then There Were Two

Thank you to the hundred or so folks who have (and continue to) reach out because of the death of our Black Lab, Maggie. I wish I had time to acknowledge each note, but do not. The purpose of this column is not to garner any sympathy, but to pay tribute to Maggie and the role she played in our lives.


The early days

Since there are always new people reading the blog (and other platforms), I will also mention that it was only six months ago that another one of our dogs died, “He was a Good Dog”

We are now down to two dogs, the 8-year old twins, Big Red and Mackenzie. I first wrote about them on the old blog in a column entitled, Sunday Night, Dog Night.

Back to Maggie:

  • We had Maggie with us for 15 years and 7 months (give or take a few days).
  • Alicia and I have been married for 32 years. (God bless her for putting up with me that long.)
  • Our daughters are 30, 28 & 23

Maggie had been “part of the family” for about half the time we were a family and more than half as far as the girls are concerned.

IMG_1482.jpgA few Observations: Already today, my/our daily routine has changed as Maggie’s age required some extra attention that the twins do not.   It took a few seconds for me to realize I no longer needed to do those things this morning.

Remembering her when she was young: Most of my memories are of her and her preoccupation with pinecones that were plentiful on our property. She would bring them to us and also enjoyed chewing them to pieces in the house. Stepping barefoot on pieces of pinecone are akin to stepping on a Lego piece. Snickers and Maggie were shadows of each other and were a great team for 15 years.

Recent Memories: She was sassy and would “hrumph” at you if she didn’t appreciate your attitude at the moment or was not giving her what she wanted. Lately, when I was working at my desk, she would come in the office and lay down with her back against the base of the chair so that I could not roll back without spinning around and petting her and helping her move. The hardest part for me yesterday was seeing the pain of my wife and daughters as the day played out. Their FB pages are great tributes to Maggie’s legacy.

She was a gentle soul and now, while we have the twins, their personalities are so much different than Maggie and Snickers, they will never take their places and that there will always be something missing in our family.


Earlier this year.  She loved the beach.

Somewhere, pet loss happens everyday and while most people do not blog about it, the sense of loss, “missing” and routine are just as real.

Life goes on but luckily, so do the memories.


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