Multiple Uses

Charlie, A man in his early 50s was visiting his dentist because he had developed a toothache. After X-rays were taken and the examination completed, the female dentist delivered the news Charlie feared. The tooth was severely infected and needed to be extracted.

As the dentist began to draw up some Xylocaine into a syringe, Charlie said, “No way!, No Needles! I hate needles”

She puts the syringe down and walks over and wheels the nitrous oxide tank over and again, Charlie pushes back, “No Way! I’m claustrophobic and the mask scares me.”

Getting frustrated, the dentist asks Charlie if he would be comfortable taking a pill?

“No objection at all, Doc. I’m fine taking a pill”.

The dentist leaves briefly leaves,  returns and  hands him a pill saying, “Here’s a Viagra”

Charlie, a little shocked says, “Wow! I didn’t know Viagra was a painkiller!”

“It’s not,” the dentist replied, “but it’s going to give you something to hold on to when I pull your tooth.”

Have a good Friday, everybody!


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Seeing Sun Through The Fog

This has been a very challenging Spring, OK…year.

The unusually cool and breezy weather we have enjoyed the last few weeks has been replaced by the heat, humidity and gnats that South Carolina is famous for.  Opened, screened windows have been closed and air conditioners can be heard humming around the neighborhood.

I’ve taken a few days away from blogging to digest all that is going on around me.  Deaths of old friends, the 28 year old son of a cherished colleague and a little baby just last night, that our oldest daughter was caring for at her NICU, remind the of the “coming attractions” for all of us and how suddenly that show can start. . . and end.

I didn’t think about not blogging these past few days, I just didn’t think about it. Challenges faced by family and friends have caused me to spend more time thinking than writing.

The “virus thing” with all the controversies, backtracking and hypocrisies are sure not helping and one has to wonder if we are heading towards a modern day civil war? Who should we believe and who can we trust? As more and more information becomes known, that question becomes increasingly difficult to answer, yet there seems to be no shortage of folks who think they know the answers, present company included.

And there is more I can share, but I’ll spare you, aside from mentioning that I know that I am  not the only one whose blade is getting dulled by by what has become of the year 2020.

Thankfully, I have my wife, two “therapy dogs,” daughters, son in laws, and a granddaughter to give me the juice to keep a smile on my face, at least most of the time.

All the pain the world faces is forgotten, albeit briefly, watching a 10-month old eat/wear her first ice cream sandwich, (which grandpa gave her).  Watching your dogs simultaneously jump into your daughter’s trunk, hoping for a ride somewhere as she and her husband were getting ready to put the stroller in the trunk, comes in a close second.

Let’s all go and try to find something today that makes us be thankful and smile and let us pray and care for those that deal with the pain of loss.

Sure beats turkey and green beans.

A spontaneous act by the twins




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One By One

I’m getting older.

One by one, people who have been part of my life at one time or another are dying.

From left: Caldaro, Mayor Willens, Visotski in 1973. Picture courtesy of Detective James McAleer, WPD ret.

Friends of my parents and  parents of my friends.

I should know this is normal  as I spent over 30 years as a funeral director and firefighter/EMT, but its different, because as you get older, you start to realize these are the coming attractions for you.

I was a nerd back in the day and some would say that I still am, but I spent more time with my dad and his male friends than I did kids my own age. Something I don’t regret it at all.

This morning I learned of the death of a man I had not seen in I can’t remember how long, but during my teen years, I was around him several times a week. It has been probably 20 years since I last spoke to him. I hope my memory is sufficient to be accurate in my story telling.

His name was Vincent J. Caldaro  and when my father started the Warren Twp. (NJ) Police Department in 1973, he was the first officer to receive his badge by Mayor Ron Willens. (see photo).

He was a jeweler, who became a police officer, who eventually went back to being a jeweler.

Both my mom and dad were Godparents to his youngest son, Kenny.

Our families went on vacations together.

When it was time to get an engagement ring for Alicia  back in 1985, “Uncle Vinnie”  was my go-to guy and he made me look good.

Our daughters got tired of my commenting on their sometimes fussy eating habits with “You will eat it, you will like it and you will smile”, which I learned from him over 45 years ago when we were away on vacation.

One by one, the men that I was around, week after week, year after year. . . are leaving.

Luckily,  their memories and influences remain.

RIP  Vince.



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That’s the question I asked myself this morning as I pondered the ten + years I have been blogging. What purpose does it serve?  Would anyone even notice if I stopped?

Would I even notice?

Well, I’ll think about that later. There is work to do.

I was out on the back porch/deck, performing one of the rituals of Spring cleaning and getting it ready for a little family get together on Monday, observing the “look but don’t touch” rule.

As I began that two-hour process, I spied a large snail about four feet. (1.219 meters) along a downspout and still heading up, albeit slowly.

Why would a snail do that?

This makes no sense to me, but I’m not a snail.

I took a photo and put it on Instagram with that question and a witty friend responded, “Following the example of the itsy bitsy spider” who had apparently already made it to the top.

Great answer, but I think there may be more to it. But then again, maybe not.

As to why I blog?  Simply put, I blog to amuse myself and if I ever get someone else to chuckle, think, or sing along, all the better.

I’m still making myself chuckle, think and sing, so I guess I’ll march on.

BTW… I did pluck the snail off the aluminum and gently place it on moist, terra firma under a shrub.

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Soaking It Up

Am I the only one that sees some similarities between babies and dogs?

I have often asked what Selby did before Adeline showed up? Nobody seems to know.

In a few days, our granddaughter will be ten months old and it seems that she embraces all that is new around her con mucho gusto. Like a Lab (my point of dog reference), everything she does is her absolute favorite thing to do while she’s doing it.

She lives in the moment.

 Transfixed,  she gazes out the window earlier today, watching a thunderstorm, (something the dogs definitely do not like to do!)

Looking out the window, watching her first thunderstorm

Like a good dog, a baby. . . at least “our” baby offers unconditional love, seeing everyone and everything as being perfect.

Taking her world in through her eyes

The disappointments will come soon enough.

Big Red cowering under my desk during today’s storms

Because of the “virus thing”  we have only seen Adeline “in person” twice since early March, (with distancing),  but are fortunate in that Elissa facetimes us 1-2 times a day, so we still get to see her little personality developing.

Learning that mac ‘n cheese is one of life’s joys.

A baby joyfully soaks up their surroundings like a sponge.

As the sponge swells, the joy pours out and  is shared with those nearby.

It is a joy like I have never known

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Is There A Doctor In The House?

Is there a doctor in the house?

Well, there is now.

Megan & Andrew

Congratulations to our son-in-law,  Dr. Andrew James Peace, MD who virtually graduated this evening, streamed live on YouTube,  from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

If you have been a reader of this blog for any period of time, you might remember that our daughter Megan graduated as a PA-C from Baylor College of Medicine in December.

Guess where they met?

Good luck as you leave the heat of Houston and head to the snow squalls of Central Michigan for your residency.

We have no doubt that you will be a great physician.


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I Never Would Have Guessed

Below is an animated graphic that shows the growth of  world-wide fast food outlets between 1971 and 2019.

What fast food  has the most locations in the world?  Think about it as the graphic plays out.

I was surprised by who is #1

Thank to to Carla for sending this to me

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On Dirt

“It is almost impossible to throw dirt on someone without getting a little on yourself”

-Abigail van Buren

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And It Makes Me Wonder

No, not Stairway to Heaven, but this online, word quiz that I received today.

Considering the current, political climate, I think this question may have more than one correct answer.

So today, after 23 days of political sobriety, I need to admit I’ve stumbled, have already called my accountability partner, and shared what happened*.



  • As someone who has been in recovery for many years, I am not making light of individuals in recovery and share their struggles.



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Remembering A Day Late

The first, real rock concert I ever went to see was Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, playing at the infamous Casino Arena in Asbury Park, NJ on July 4, 1976.

Fronting with Blackmore in the recently formed band was a guy named Ronnie James Dio.

Small in stature, but a massive stage presence.

If you are not familiar with him, you can read here and here.

Dio died ten years ago yesterday from stomach Cancer at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.

Anyone of my generation should recognize him for his many contributions to the music of our era. That being said, not everyone will, but hey, someone had to buy records to pay for the BeeGee’s leisure suits.

“Only Dio can sing a song about rainbows and make it badass”

Here he is, London, 2005.



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