A Dust Buster

As soon as I saw this meme (thank you @bluelady) I knew it was destined for this page.

A little wiki on Berthold Auerbach

Then, I had to pick a piece to cleanse my dusty soul.

Going Baroque as I am a Baroque kind of guy.

J. S. Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto No. 1 in D Minor BWV 1052   Featuring Jean Rondeau

With a little over three million views, it is a guaranteed dust buster.

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Herd Immunity

There has been a meme floating around that asks the question, “So you think we are smarter as a society than we used to be?”

The response:

“50 years ago, the owners manual for a new car told you how to adjust the valves in the engine, while today’s tell you not to drink the liquid found in the car battery.”

Yup, progress.

The meme below may be in jest, but hey, you never know.

In our family, we have done it the old fashioned way for a few generations  and when “Baby Peace” hits the world in November, he will have to deal with both Martha and Winnie getting up close and personal.

Meanwhile, Theodore gets his face cleaned by Selby.

All is well with the world.

(Now, I am sure there may be some readers who think this isn’t a good practice. Well, maybe you are right. . .  but maybe not.  I think of it as a new spin on “herd immunity”)

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The Twins Celebrate

Today, June 9, 2021 marks the 11th Birthday for “The Twins”… Big Red & Mackenzie.

The early days Big Red w’ red ribbon

The story began here, Sunday Night, Dog Night. I had been blogging only a few months at that time. We were there just a few hours after they were born,

Big Red has always been a bit hyper and more than a bit needy.  We always talked about what he might be like when he grew up and calmed down a bit.  Well, today he is a 75 lb, 11-year old puppy.

Never far away from a tennis ball, he is always up for a game of catch.

Always a tennis ball nearby

They both love the water, but are afraid of gunfire, so they probably would never be good duck dogs.

The amount of time they have been apart in 11 years can be measured in hours.

Big Red is graying out much faster than his sister. . .  surprisingly so. Maybe it is because he is so hyper.

It will interesting when the first one dies.  The other will be lost. But then again, maybe not,

Spring of 2016 in the pond across the street

Happy birthday to “The Twins”.






No, that’s not a cyst…its a tennis ball,

Photo taken last weekend.

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Lazlo’s Layla

Mark Knopfler has one of the most unique picking styles, first showcased with “Sultans of Swing” back in 1978.

Layla is arguably Eric Clapton’s signature song.  Who doesn’t know Layla?

What happens when a guitarist who has studied and learned Knopfler’s style decides to play and sing Layla?

You simply sit back and say Wow, that guy nailed it!



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Maybe. . . ?

Its been a while since I shared some fun music.

Our daughters introduced me to the music of Corey Smith many years ago  and we even traveled to see him play few times.

The music is gritty, soulful and tells stories that most of us can associate with at one level or another. His music is a wedding of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Coming live, from  some honky-tonk  in Jefferson County Georgia. . .

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The Perfect Pivot

One of the most valuable benefits of smart phones is that when it seems that the world is not cooperating with your plans, you can pull out your phone, view photos/videos of your grandchildren,  . .  and not care about anything else.

The perfect pivot.

“Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving”

-Penelope Leach

Theodore Scott,  relaxing.

Celebrating four weeks on the outside.






His “big” sister, Adeline taking a break from being in her  pool to help dad with some of the yard work. #2under2.

If you ask me about our grandchildren, be prepared.

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Maggie, in the car, June of 2017. Charleston County, SC. She was a great dog.

Every dog that you’ve ever seen riding in a car had absolutely no idea where it was going, but it was it’s favorite thing at the moment.

Imagine living like that.

Thanks to @AndyRichter.

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Always Remember

Remembering on Memorial Day, 2021.

One of the first funerals I ever watched was through the window of my first grade classroom.

The year would have been 1966.

Across the street was Christ The King Church in Hillside, NJ. I remember seeing the casket being carried in and out of church and the police motorcycle officers  that were going to escort the fallen warrior to the cemetery

The funeral was for a local man KIA in Viet Nam.  Sister Albertine told us his name, but I’ve forgotten it over the decades.

Maybe his funeral was one of the “sparks” that started me on my career in funeral service?

I may have forgotten his name, but I’ll always remember his sacrifice.

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Get On Your Bikes And Ride!

It was 1978 and I was a freshman in college.  FBG was the first “Drop D” song I ever learned to play.

Sorry, butt today’s music sucks.  We need another Freddie Mercury.

Only the late, great James Brown had more swagger.


(yes, that was intentional)


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On Evolution Of The Species

There are three classes of people:

Those who see.

Those that see when they are shown.

Those who do not see.

Words written by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

So much for the idea of human evolution, eh?

Some things never change.

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