Here is a video by Mike The Cop, who lives and works somewhere in Michigan.  He’s a funny, yet serious guy and his videos are designed to explain aspects of police work to the public.

In the video below, he asks questions regarding common sense and the willingness to call out foolishness for being what it is?

I especially appreciate his comment at 4:55.  I think dad was right when as a police chief, he steered me away from following him in his career.  No one ever shot at me on the fire engine.

Here’s Mike the Cop:

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Is Change Really Good?

Who out there grew up singing “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R us kid”?

I recently learned that the iconic toy store has filed chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Massive debt  is the problem and observers cite the reason as Amazon and Walmart.

I was talking to a local, well-known realtor the other day and she mentioned that she is looking for a new career as some of the on-line real estate listing  entities have figured out a way to circumvent real estate agents and it’s catching on. . .  Apps replacing professionals.

I’m glad I never invested in that Taxi cab company as the often under regulated “app based” car services are gaining momentum while their taxi medallions become useless.

People have always said that funeral homes are “recession proof,” yet rarely a day goes by that a funeral home doesn’t close it’s doors somewhere in the US.

I never realized how often I picked up stuff at Radio Shack, until it wasn’t there any longer.

What happens when apps replace people?   Below is a graph I found on-line, predicting automation.

screen shot 2014-03-12 at 1.41.34 pm.png

We have all this “progress”, but what happens to all the folks who are losing their jobs?

My guess is that there are countless more examples.   Please share in comments if you know of others.

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The Opportunity To Exert Your Dominance

FullSizeRender Sure, there are people with real food allergies, some very serious.  I am aware however, of several individuals who have what might be referred to as  “selective allergies”.


This is for those folks and I repeat, it is not meant to poke fun at or diminish the impact of authentic, medical conditions. It is intended to poke fun at those who deserve to be poked.

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Overheard At Lunch

“You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up”

. . . Jim Herlihy, USCA Athletic Director, program speaker at the Aiken Rotary Club lunch yesterday while talking about the future of USC-Aiken Athletics.

“Pretending anything is no way to go through life”. . . Me

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Explanation Provided

It was brought to my attention that many of my readers are from countries that use a different currency than we do here in the USA.

Consequently, my feeble attempt at humor found at the beginning of  Service Paradigms was missed.

Here is the explanation:


Both sides of the coin


In the US, we have a coin called a “dime.” A dime is one-tenth of a dollar. A dime is also known as 10 cents (ten pennies).

Two dimes (or, a “pair of dimes”) is twenty cents.

My apologies for losing that in the translation.


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Ask Ann

Ann has been blogging daily for 1,722 days. (Except for a few days that Michael filled in)

I have been following Ann’s blog for 1,009 days

I doubt there is anyone that takes more pictures with their iPhone than Ann.

Here is one from today’s post:


Working at a medical center near a historic baseball stadium, Ann gets some interesting shots with her iPhone.


Here is the rest of the story: Day 1722: Here, there and everywhere.

Ann lives up to the name of her blog, The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally and I encourage you to make her blog one of your daily visits.



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Do Not Default

“It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all.

In which case, you fail by default.

Stop making excuses and take some chances.”

A wise lesson, indeed.

Found on Instagram @firefightermotive

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