Maybe You Never Heard Of Him

This morning, reading the news on my iPad, with my granddaughter on my lap, I learned of the death of Jerry Jeff Walker.  I suppose it is possible that some of my readers have never heard of Walker or the song he wrote, performed by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (NGDB) in 1970, which I might say launched them into relative stardom.

It was a pretty big hit back in 1970 and if you are old enough to have been listening to music back then, you know this song.

The NGDB performed this song on 3/4 time (like a waltz). In later years, Jerry Jeff performed in in 6/8 time, which in my opinion, completely changed the song.

RIP, Jerry Jeff Walker and thank you for this gem.  YT won’t let the video be imbedded on another website, but here is the link that will open it.

Who remembers, Mr. Bojangles ?


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On Discourse

Back in October of 2006, we were in California for a family wedding.  During some downtime, I was able to sneak off for a few hours to visit the Ronald Regan Presidential Museum and Library in Simi Valley.  What a treat it was. I remember standing alone at his tomb, calling a friend in Florida to share the experience.

Many of the photos I took were fried along with the computer they were on (before the cloud and  reasonably priced EHDs)

One of my souvenirs of the visit is a small book entitled  “George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation.

President Washington was very wise indeed and gazed into the future, seeing how much time is wasted on meetings in the workplace.

The business world would be well-served to heed the advice advanced in Washington’s 35th Rule:

“Let your discourse with men of business be short and comprehensive.”


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On Being Afraid

“Cutting out a man’s tongue doesn’t make people think he’s a liar.

It makes them think you’re afraid of what he has to say”

–Tyrion Lannister

Any current application of this idea that you can think of?

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Worth Pondering

“I’m most fascinated by boiling water.

It hardens eggs and softens potatoes”

– Anthony Bourdain

I have never watched much TV, but now and then I would binge on “No Reservations”.

I usually didn’t agree with Anthony’s view on the political landscape, but I found him a remarkable guy, who in retirement, would make a great, next-door neighbor.

The workings of the human mind defy understanding. Why would a man, who seemed to be living the life anyone would desire, decide to complete suicide?

I do not know, but it saddens me.


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A Slightly Different Perspective

For what its worth, and that’s not much,  I can’t recall a job that I’ve had when I wasn’t the first one to show up at whatever office it was, (with rare, situational exceptions) and was usually the last one to leave.

What did that get me?   Well, here I am.   

Lately, I’ve been getting to the office over an hour before anyone else shows up. It allows me to get some things done before the phone starts ringing.

This morning, as I made my way to my car, coffee in one hand, satchel in the other, I had an idea.

Driving to the closest beach, (ten minutes from my “during the week” apartment), I stood there, thinking, talking to a few passers-by, including a brother firefighter getting ready to go on duty a block away,  and I waited. . . waited for the sun to rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

The beach has always been my “happy place” and will be until the day I die. There is something special about sunrise at the beach… a new start. The tide comes in and the tide goes out.

I’ll always work hard, but this may become part of my new routine.  Tomorrow, I’ll bring a folding chair and maybe stay a little longer… and still get in on time.

The detour was definitely worth having a little sand in my shoes today.

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Did You Ever Notice?

Did you ever notice all the ads and posts about getting out the vote, but wonder why there are no ads about educating yourself as to the facts and listening to different news sources to make an informed decision?

Did you ever notice, or am  I the only one who wonders why he sees ads acknowledging that he is registered to vote in South Carolina, but would he/she like to register to vote in another state?

Did you ever notice, like I have, that Google, Instagram, and FB know everything about the bourbon I drink, the cigars I smoke, the music I listen to, and the political websites I frequent, but does not know that I’ve been a registered voter since age 18?

Did you ever notice, or am I the only one who thinks it is strange that a candidate for Vice President, only two years ago, viciously attacked/pilloried a Supreme Court nominee over unproven and uncorroborated accusations, stating that she “believed the victims?” Then, during recent primary debates,  stated that she “believed the victim” who accused a former Senator and Vice President of sexual assault, only to agree to be his running mate,  proving that her integrity is for sale to the highest bidder?

If you live in South Carolina, did you notice that a  democrat candidate for US Senate has spent a record (and still growing) $59,000,000 to unseat the republican incumbent and that the challenger’s ads saturate even conservative media outlets?  Did you ever notice that you can’t open a Youtube video without seeing his smiling face and hearing how he wants to bring republicans and democrats together?

Yeah, it’s election season and I for one can’t wait for it to be over.


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It’s Been A long Week

It has been a long week.

By most anyone’s standards.

Several 12-hour days, helping a new staff member get acclimated to our office (with lots of competent help assisting me with the task)

Then, at age 60, I will be “in” my first wedding (aside from mine and two daughters) this weekend and it just happens to be in Charleston. I look forward to seeing some former colleagues and we can only hope the suits arrive at the store Friday for the Saturday wedding since they did not arrive today as promised.  The groom is keeping a sense of humor about the situation.  Good for him.  My guess is that the bride-to-be has not heard the news yet.

I have to clean my “during the week” apartment tonight as my wife will be seeing it for the first time this weekend and I want to make a good impression.

So it has been a hectic week and I’m a bit tired, but I’m not passed out sideways on the couch with my juice box in my hand tired.

That’s tired.

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That’s What Friends Are For

Some of you may recall that last week, I posted Some Days, I Just Hate WordPress, Like Today. 

I was voicing my disappointment regarding the abrupt change in the WP publishing platform and while I will assume there were announcements and maybe even instructions on how to navigate the new platform, they were lost on me.

Several readers chimed in and shared my sentiments….we were all lamenting, but not doing anything to correct the situation. There was one reader/blogger who took the time to research the situation, actually talked to someone at WP, and shared with us how to use our beloved,  classic editor.

Thanks to Margie, over at Amusives, The Lighter Side of Life, you are reading this today and able to listen to the song I found. A live performance by the late, great Charlie Daniels. It is a tune I learned to play while in college and recall sitting around with a few guys over in Gettysburg, playing this song over and over, until we got it right.

Those of us who try to leave comments on WP sites also know how frustrating and time consuming it can be…while still not leaving a comment. This blog gets sent to my FB, Twiter, Tumbler, and Linkedin pages, so those are other options.

Here is the background on The Legend of Wooley Swamp.

The “CDB” back before Charlie’s beard was gray.


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PA-C Week 2020!

This week we join with our daughter and her colleagues in celebrating PA Week 2020

Certified PAs are health care providers who fill critical roles in today’s health care system. They practice medicine with physicians and other healthcare professionals in every state, specialty, and setting to deliver high-quality health care to all patients.

While Covid stole her first opportunity after graduation, she has found a position where she serves the community in a more diverse setting, which we are confident will enrich her life and skill set.

Congratulations to all the PA-Cs that are on the front lines, being there when we need them. . .  especially Megan.

Mom and I are very proud of your accomplishments.




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On Time

Isn’t it strange how time seems to speed up as you get older?

Seasons come and seasons go . . . and come . . . and go.

The very proud grandparents and the guest of honor. (November, 2019 and the beard is now gone)

It seems this year that October arrived right after June, or maybe it was March?

Today marks 34 years of being married to Alicia….more than half of my 60 years have been spent with her by my side. As a friend says, we are all imperfectly perfect. Through the ups, downs, and in-betweens, we never give up.


The old and the young…furever friends.

I was out with the dogs yesterday and spent some time looking at my new, favorite tree. It is already starting to reflect the change in the calendar and I hope I will be home when it’s leaves turn fiery red.


My current “Favorite Tree”

Every time I see Adeline I can spot the changes as she grows. After a medically challenging first three months or so, she is growing into an inquisitive, sassy Southern redhead.  After a week at the beach (down the shore for you New Jersey folks) Adeline was re-united with Selby, her fur-sister who has been by her side since birth.


Our daughters continue to grow in their lives and trajectories towards their goals, detours and all. They are independent, smart, and beautiful. What more could a dad ask for to be his legacy?


I was also reminded this afternoon, driving by a roadside tribute to someone killed in a wreck, that one day, however it happens, I will no longer be here and I’m closer to that day than I was yesterday.

Cheery thought, eh?

Time to make the best of it

Dam Monday. Full speed ahead!



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