About This Blog & Blogger

Disclaimer: The views found on this blog are mine and not those of my wife.

Like its predecessor,  A Simple Village Undertaker, Mitigating Chaos is sometimes very serious, sometimes frivolous and more often than not… somewhere in between.

Occasionally political, but never politically correct.

I have been blogging topics that are of interest to me since February 2010 and I simply hope that others find them of interest also. I refer to this as a “Look out my window”

A little about me:


This was “Larry’s Last Stand.” The last time the band played, February 20, 2016. That’s Cole next to me, almost a year before he became my son in law.

Field Agent for The Knights of Columbus. Retired, Licensed Funeral Director and Cremation Specialist, former owner of several, death care-related businesses, retired Firefighter-EMT, Graduate of Watchung Hills Regional High School, 1978,  Mount. Saint. Mary’s COLLEGE, ‘1982, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, 1983. Weekend warrior guitar strummer.  Living in Aiken, SC, raised in Warren, NJ.

Husband, Father, Christian, and Patriot. (an endangered class)