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Counting The Days

Eleven more days until her South Carolina vacation begins. So, Martha is daydreaming about listening to some vintage Hootie and hiding Big Red’s tennis balls.   Advertisements

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The Look

The look when you realize there are still two weeks until you head East to spend three months with your cousins  at “Camp Visotski Dog Spa and Recreation Center” Martha, still in Houston.

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Rx For A Smile

I’m feeling a little lazy this evening and found this funny story from the old blog. How did your day start?    

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Patience:  What you have when there are too many witnesses. unk. Martha…no patience when it came to scoffing down a Beignet in Baton Rouge a few months ago.

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“Listen in silence because if your heart is full of other things, you cannot hear the voice of God. . .  The essential thing is not what we say, but what God says to us and through us” Saint Teresa … Continue reading

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Tonight,  we lost our Maggie  from an apparent  pulmonary embolism She had been part of our family for over fifteen years. No words tonight. Magnolia “Maggie” Visotski April 4th, 2003 ~ November 3, 2018  

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I was just advised that today is “National Black Dog Day” We have three, black dogs but,  there is only one Maggie. She could care less about the recognition as long as she gets a piece of cheese.  

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On Your Legacy

“In the end, all your contributions will be taken for granted and people will only remember your mistakes.” unknown

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On The Happy Side Of Florence

For the last week, we have been told to prepare. We did and now have enough bottled water, peanut butter and canned tuna for the next year. Fortunately for us, it’s been more bark than bite and not very “epic” … Continue reading

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Life is again ordered, at least temporarily. Megan and Martha are back in Houston. I am back in Aiken. A few stories will follow, but this may be one of my favorite pictures of the year. Martha, below, after her … Continue reading

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