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Dogs would lose their minds if they ever realized they are living on a giant ball. -HT @cookie_mumbles Big Red absolutely would..

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The Twins Celebrate

Today, June 9, 2021 marks the 11th Birthday for “The Twins”… Big Red & Mackenzie. The story began here, Sunday Night, Dog Night. I had been blogging only a few months at that time. We were there just a few … Continue reading

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Every dog that you’ve ever seen riding in a car had absolutely no idea where it was going, but it was it’s favorite thing at the moment. Imagine living like that. Thanks to @AndyRichter.

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“There are high spots in all our lives and most of them come about through encouragement from someone else. Encouragement is oxygen to the soul” -George Matthew Adams   While this has nothing to do with encouragement, here is a … Continue reading

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A Decade Of Unconditional Love

Big Red and Mackenzie, aka “The Twins” are ten years old today. We first saw them a few days after they were born and its probably safe to say that they haven’t been apart for more than a few hours … Continue reading

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Home, In The Weeds

I have returned to South Carolina and since I was in northern New Jersey for the last  ten days, my only travel for the next two weeks will be between my yard and my office. Today, I began catching up … Continue reading

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A Dog

” A dog is better than I am,  for he has love and does not judge” St. Xanthias, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers. Thanks to Fr. Thomas Moore.  

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Does Tim Still Work There?

Note: I anticipate that some of my Canadian friends might want to comment on this. A week and a half ago, Elissa asked me to perform a small service (like in The Godfather). I was happy to oblige and thought … Continue reading

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A Dog Thing

  Big Red, with his ever-present tennis ball, circa 2017, which speaks to the cartoon below.

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The Twins Turn 9!

Our twins, Big Red and MacKenzie turned 9 years old today.  We celebrated by sending them to the Doggie retreat for the day to get a good bath, their nails clipped and ears cleaned. Life’s simple pleasures. The story started … Continue reading

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