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On The Blues

“You can have the blues one day because your woman leaves you. You can have the blues the next day because she came back.” -Willie Dixon Blues singer, Beth Hart, tells the story of just such a woman. And to … Continue reading

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A Lesson Learned

Last night, while in a bit of a jovial mood, I decided to write a blog post about a piece of music that makes me happy everytime I hear it. Quickly, the question became how to pick one from dozens, … Continue reading

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Giving In

Since giving up television six weeks ago, I have spent some of my down time watching  YouTube videos… some full length movies and some shorter video clips.  Many of those videos are musical and range from Gregorian Chant to Buxtehude … Continue reading

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Getting Worried

When I first started blogging in February of 2010, I managed to get something posted every day. . . and some days, more than one.  As time has marched on, I find that most of the interesting stories of my … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

I’ve made the break, cut the cable and put the TVs away. As rates increased, my wife and I watched less and less to the point where we agreed to drop the service. It’s been a week now  and I’m … Continue reading

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Progress Or Regression?

On this day, April 7, 1927, the image and voice of then Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover was transmitted from Washington DC to New York City. This was the first successful long-distance demonstration of the television. I recall growing up outside … Continue reading

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Occasionally, FB Is Useful

Not too long I ago, I attended a workshop for funeral directors who used FB for their businesses.   The presenter talked about the Good ‘ol Days when funeral homes (and many other businesses)  advertised in the town paper and in … Continue reading

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Heavy Anchors

Today was a fun day as I drove just over 300 miles.  Those that know me will understand that 300 miles is not all that much for me. Typically when I drive I listen to talk radio and occasionally podcasts, … Continue reading

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The Hurricane That Was Not

I spent the day in Charleston, SC and was hoping that I was going to run into Jim Cantore, but alas, Cantore and Isaias were nowhere to be found.  It rained and got a little breezy, but  Jim was up … Continue reading

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I Almost Forget

Today, we celebrate the birthday of one Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, born 180 years ago today He was the first Russian composer whose music made a lasting impression internationally, bolstered by his appearances as a guest conductor in Europe and the … Continue reading

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