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I will never forget the look on the cashier’s face as she scanned the bag of birdseed and I asked her how long does it take for the birds to grow once I plant them? My first “Bad dad joke” … Continue reading

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A New Perspective

I’ll be taking a few days away from the keyboard as I travel to NJ for our mother’s funeral mass, interment of her cremated remains in the mausoleum with our dad and a family and friends luncheon. I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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Namaste’ Y’all

I have decided with a peaceful spirt, a loving heart, and a clear mind that some people can still kiss my a** To the rest of you, Namaste’  y’all.

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The Best Pillows

Dogs are the best pillows because they are always warm and soft. This picture was taken of Adeline and Norva when she was feeling a bit sniffily and under the weather a few days ago.  She will be three next … Continue reading

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My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations. -Michael J Fox, via @inspiringquotes

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A Coincidence?

The Lead In: Back when my wife and I were dating (circa 1984-85) we came accross a saying that we had framed, that we thought appropriate. The image had the word “Coincidence” as you would find it in a dictionary … Continue reading

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Sunday Pipes #69

Rule Brittainia, Jonathan Scott. . . .  still bingeing on everything royal.

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On Opinions

“The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.” -Marcus Aurelius Still true 1,840 years later. . . So many modern day applications.

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Another Year

June 10th is “The Twins” 12th birthday. The original story is here:  Sunday Night, Dog Night. Like me, they are getting grayer and slower, but still love us unconditionally and will chase tennis balls until exhausted.

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I Wonder?

I wonder if me yelling at squirrels in the street to move so they don’t die is the same feeling God has watching me live my life most days? -Unknown

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