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#TBT, Early Disaster Preparedness

Many of us grew up with these multi-use devices.  While their efficacy might be questioned today, we did enjoy the drills and took comfort in the promises that they would protect us. I’m not sure how well they would  hold … Continue reading

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#TBT, Little League

While in New Jersey for the 50th Anniversay of the Warren Twp. Police Department, I remembered that there was a visit I had been wanting to make on an earlier trip, but ran out of time. This day, time was … Continue reading

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#TBT, Casey Jones

I saw this cartoon earlier today and  had to share the song. From 1971!  Those were the days. . .  and I was only 11! I’ll be on the road for a quick trip (without my laptop) which I’m sure … Continue reading

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#TBT, A Budget Guide

After my mother’s death in June, we had the task of preparing cleaning out her condo for sale. Mom liked to “collect stuff”  and we spent days, including  hiring trucks to haul new and/or still useful items away to needy … Continue reading

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A Long, Long Time Ago, #TBT

As my sisters and I cleaned out our parent’s condo after mom’s death last month, each of us took a few memories with us.  We  donated the rest of the furnishings/clothing to a family in need and then some to … Continue reading

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#TBT. . . First Born

  My how they grow up. It seems like just a few yers back that we were living in the first house we ever owned in Middlesex, NJ. Kelliann was a toddler and pushing her toys around the yard. Farley, … Continue reading

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TBT, Croce

Realizing that many of the folks reading the blog might not even have been born yet when Jim Croce died in 1973 and others were too young to remember what a rising star he was, I wanted to remind you. … Continue reading

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Life In The Crater

An Official Throw Back Thursday Post. It was during July of 2007 that I went on a mission trip to Africa.  Our 21 days were spent between South Africa (beginning and end) and Tanzania, where we worked in Arusha, Moshi … Continue reading

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TBT With Poco

Memories from my  younger years often include  Poco music as the soundtrack. This video is from 1972 and we see a very young Timothy B Schmit, famous for his many years with  The Eagles, early in his career, playing bass … Continue reading

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TBT With Billy Joel

I found this article earlier today and it made me smile while I shook my head thinking that this isn’t all that unlikely. Its an article from 2018 and is called. . . Billy Joel Plays “Piano Man” for the … Continue reading

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