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A New View

One thing I will not miss about being in the Charleston area are the ridiculously large number of shipping containers that are on their way to and from the port and just scattered/stored about the area All things considered, the … Continue reading

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Today I will not stress over things I cannot control. Easier said than done, but I will try. Five days until a week of vacation, (Ian, stay away from Hilton Head Island, please) but who’s counting? Photo by RJV, IOP, … Continue reading

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A Short Week . . .

A short week. . . but I already feel like the coyote. Who needs sleep? Beep-Beep.

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Kobayashi Maru

A few weeks back, I was talking to a colleague who I  respect and enjoy being around. We were sharing  the ups and downs of each of our careers over the years and my friend brought up how we often … Continue reading

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‘Nuff Said

Do you know why birds sing in the morning? Because they don’t have to go to work!   thanks to @bluelady329

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It’s Been A long Week

It has been a long week. By most anyone’s standards. Several 12-hour days, helping a new staff member get acclimated to our office (with lots of competent help assisting me with the task) Then, at age 60, I will be … Continue reading

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It’s Like This

My blogging has slowed down. My life has speeded up. As mentioned here, this is the first time in four years that I’ve felt useful and energetic. I have found an organization that genuinely wants to adapt and grow . … Continue reading

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I Won’t Apologize

This morning, Renard, my guy in Trinidad and Tobago shared a great story. . . Should Bloggers Apologize for their Failure to Publish Blog Posts? Currently, I am working on two amazing projects; one full time and one part-time.  For … Continue reading

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Only 1,537 Miles

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet for almost a week. That was due to a quick trip up to NJ to spend a few days with my parents. On the way up, I overnighted at Mount St. Mary’s … Continue reading

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1 Down, 4 To Go

“The first five days after the weekend are the hardest” Can I get an Amen?

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