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A Good Suggestion

“Once per year, every CEO should apply to a job at their own company under a different name to see how maddening the process is for candidates.” -Vishalakshi P. After selling our businesses and then completing my consulting contract with … Continue reading

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Wacky Wednesday

These wacky times in which we live. If you are a dude and you check out a woman who is working out in the gym,  you’re considered a threat. But, if you call yourself a woman and expose yourself to … Continue reading

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Would It Be Different?

Earlier this week, former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard made an announcement, laying out her reasons for leaving the party. (see a partial transcript below and full video below that).  One might observe that she was never “all in” with the … Continue reading

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Remember When?

Anyone old enough to (and having grown up in the USA)  remember when? When we would watch “All in The Family”, laughing at Archie, Edith and “Meathead”? . . .  and people were not offended.  It was funny. When we … Continue reading

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Et Tu, Linkedin?

I joined Linkedin shortly after it was launched in 2003. At different points in my career I was a premium ($$) member, but mostly I used the free version. I saw this post the other day and it made me … Continue reading

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Just Call The Whole Thing Off?

Rome is burning and Nero keeps playing his fiddle (Maybe, The Devil Went Down to Georgia?) When I first read the article below, I thought maybe it was from The Onion or Babylon Bee…it was that far “out there”. Sadly … Continue reading

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Does My Mom Have To Sign The Warning Notice?

Remember when you were in high school , did something that was against the rules and would receive a “Warning Notice”? Well, I just received the modern day equivalent. Perusing my news feed last week I came across a post … Continue reading

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Common Sense In The House Of Lords

“Borrowed” from the blog of Ann Althouse. The world is changing and too many people are sitting back and only watching. Citizenship is a participation sport, even in The House of Lords. Read the rest of the story here… Peers … Continue reading

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I Guess I Am Part Of A Trend

A loner by nature, I have never been a trendsetter, nor a lemming. Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t pay attention to commercials and am rarely influenced by them and when I am, it is usually negatively. A few … Continue reading

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