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An Evolution

Have you ever wondered how St. Nicolas morphed into Santa Claus and then into a spokesperson? Fr. Dwight Longenecker tells the interesting story here: Whatever Happened To St. Nicholas? “How did the fourth century heretic slapping bishop from Southern Turkey … Continue reading

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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat. . . Or A Squirrel

Thank you to my long-time friend, Linda Gill for sharing this with me.  Linda has always had her finger on the pulse of the local churches. ***     After several Sunday services were interrupted by a community of  acorn-hoarding … Continue reading

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My Tradition

Where were you on Thanksgiving in 1967? It was a special day. . .  the first Thanksgiving that Arlo played this song. Nothing else to add, except the back story. Alice’s Restaurant Kid, enjoy the song/story and conjure up some … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thanksgiving Thursday

“I’ve been lately thinkin’ . . . John Denver, Poems, Prayers & Promises. I’ve been thinking that since I started blogging in early 2010, each year at Thanksgiving I posted a version of the song Alice’s Restaurant and usually added … Continue reading

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I Missed It.

I missed this year’s broadcast of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Since I have the DVD, all I missed were the crass commercials.  I must admit though, there is something about watching it when it aires. It has been part of … Continue reading

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The Loveliest Tree In The Valley

Many years ago we began the  tradition of  playing  this song when getting and/or decorating our tree. I wonder if the girls ever think about it when they are decorating their trees? When we lived in the Pocono’s back in … Continue reading

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This Year Is No Different, But It Is

It was last night that I  realized that this will be the first Thanksgiving since 1978 that I haven’t talked to Tom and/or Nancy Hartmann while listening to Alice’s Restaurant. During my late teens and early twenties and when not away … Continue reading

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