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A Pocket Full Of Memories

I fell and hit my head last night. Nothing serious, but it did shake loose a few memories that I decided to share this afternoon. It was 1982-83 and I was completing my studies at the once venerable Cincinnati College … Continue reading

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A Five Year Anniversary

It can’t be five years?   But, it is. I originally wrote about the death of Peppi Marchello in a piece called, My Youth is Officially Over. I heard my first, Good Rats song in the Fall of 1976. . … Continue reading

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I cannot comprehend what happened today in Florida and that comes from a guy with 35+ years in Emergency Services and as a funeral director. I need to escape. I’m done. Turn off the TV, maybe forever. I need the … Continue reading

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Did You Know . . .

That Jerry Springer used to be the Mayor of Cincinnati, OH? He served a special, one-year term in 1978. That sure must have been something to see first hand. When I lived in Cincinnati the first time, (1982-83), Jerry was … Continue reading

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Connecting Dots

This short trip has really thrown off my rhythm and schedule,  but it is worth it and I’ll rebound.  My laptop is experienceing separation anxiety.  It too, will survive. On this day in 1898, George Gershwin was born.  His work … Continue reading

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