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January 23-30, 1978

This has always been one of my favorite songs by Steve Forbert and I almost forgot to share it as I have for the last decade or so during the last week in January From the 1979, Jackrabbit Slim album. … Continue reading

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It’s Often Said. . .

Two for the price of one. It’s often said that life is strange, but compared to what? Each year during this week, I share this song by Steve Forbert, January 23-30, 1978.  A quaint song that closes out the Jacakrabbit … Continue reading

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Like Finding Your Long Lost, Favorite Slippers

Have you ever had favorite slippers?  A pair that fit perfectly, were comfortable and didn’t fall off your feet? Then one day, you realized that you didn’t have them any longer, but had no recollection of when/where they disappeared. You … Continue reading

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Objects In The Mirror. . .

I stumbled on this video and felt that it portrays Steve’s career as a songwriter/guitarist/singer and was worthy of posting In the song, he references my favorite Forbert  tune, January 23-30, 1978 with . . . “It’s often said that … Continue reading

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Connecting Some Dots

Yesterday, I made the drive from Aiken, SC to Hixson (Chattanooga), TN and then onto Lake Charles, LA, where I overnighted, before getting to Houston, TX this morning.  Yes, it was a long day  (16 hours driving) and I was … Continue reading

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I Blinked Once . . .

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me about things that are really important in life and how fast it all gets by you.  Here are just a few examples, all occurring in 12 hours on Saturday, 15 FEB … Continue reading

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The Last Week In January

Most of us have a few songs that are anchored to holidays or maybe certain events in our lives. Some of mine are: Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving Another Christmas Song on Christmas Hard Place on Memorial Day Song in the … Continue reading

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Break Down, Into Tears

It was the Fall of 1978, freshman year at college when Jack Sonntag brought over the  “Alive on Arrival” album and I heard my first, Steve Forbert song.  It has been a music love affair ever since.  I’ve seen him … Continue reading

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It Starts To Worry Me

What a busy couple of weeks, and it has nothing to do with the upcoming Christmas holiday. It’s just life . . . and maybe a little eschatological urgency. Early starts and late endings and it seems that as I get … Continue reading

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But Compared To What?

Historically, I share this song in January, but today, I can’t stop thinking about the hook line. “It’s often said that life is strange, oh yes, but compared to what?” New Days  Surprises Wishes fulfilled Miracles

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