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Remember When?

Anyone old enough to (and having grown up in the USA)  remember when? When we would watch “All in The Family”, laughing at Archie, Edith and “Meathead”? . . .  and people were not offended.  It was funny. When we … Continue reading

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Civilization Is In Peril

Earlier this week, while reading about the University/Bribery scandal, I came across a term that I don’t recall ever hearing.  The term was used to describe at least one of Aunt Becky’s daughters. The term?  . . .  “Social Influencer”. A … Continue reading

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Affirmation: Instilling the self-confidence kids will need to carry them through all the failure they will experience because they weren’t taught competence instead. ***   Found on Pinterest.

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Good Morning America!

Well, if this doesn’t sum things up. . . Note:  I found this on another blog, but can’t remember which one, so if you recognize this, let me know and I’ll give the credit that’s due.

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