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As previously mentioned, I rarely watch TV these days.  Between my  WQXR and Idagio apps, and as long as I have internet access (or the unlimited data on my phone) I am generally  content. That being said, Alicia likes  game … Continue reading

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Tell Me How You Really Feel

Here is a lesson sent to me this morning by our middle daughter, the mother of our granddaughter. It was being passed around by some teachers.  The great oracle, Google, attributes it to Joey deVilla and about a dozen others. … Continue reading

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Christmas Family Squabbles

Christmas, (AKA The Holidays) typically brings families together. As we all know, everyone is different and if two people always agree, one of them is not necessary. Politics, religion and social topics often make for an interesting get-together. This year … Continue reading

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He Followed Me Home. Can We Keep Him?

  He followed me home. Can we keep him? Well, that’s not exactly what happened. Our family seems to be a magnet for wayward animals. Last night, we started getting text messages from Megan showing a Lab-Rotty mix (?)  puppy … Continue reading

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On Being In The Moment

The beauty of being a dog is that they appear to have the ability to always be in the moment, not regretting the past or fearing the future. It also seems that everything they do is their “favorite thing”, even violating … Continue reading

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