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Time Flies

While working from home this week, I finally had some extra time to take the first steps to sorting through the hundreds, if not thousands of photographs and videos found around the condo after my mom died back in June. … Continue reading

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Aside from my grandchildren, this is one of the most beautiful photographs I ever recall seeing. I cannot stop looking at it. I’ll leave it at that. Thanks to bluehome91, in-my-minds-eye-2349 & mutant-distraction

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Question Answered

The other day I posted “A Sure Sign of Boredom” and asked if anyone could identify the subject of this picture. Well, not many people tried, and only one got it. Congratulations to Andrew Reynolds who identified the photo as … Continue reading

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A Sure Sign Of Boredom

Someone I have known for a very long time posted a story on FB the other day that included the photo below.  Having the luxury of reading her story, I knew exactly what this was, especially since I have seen … Continue reading

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I Got To Thinking

Yesterday, I posted Throwing Back & Looking Forward and I got to thinking about those days, especially the picture.  Let’s face it, it’s not one of ny better photographs, closed eyes and all. Who among us remembers taking a roll … Continue reading

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Parking Brake, On

My Dream To have a day, hour with no “to do” list To be able to plant a chair at a peaceful vista and just sit. . . . and sit. iPhone safely locked in car and brain shifted to neutral, parking … Continue reading

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