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Life Is Short

Life is short and dead is for a very long time. I have debated a week as to whether or not to tell this story as I do not want people to feel sorry for me, nor do I want … Continue reading

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A Lesson To Remember

I first learned this lesson way back in 1984 when I took a class for funeral directors called “Life Appreciation Training”   I could write for hours about the impact that the late Bill Bates, founder of the training, had on … Continue reading

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One By One

I’m getting older. One by one, people who have been part of my life at one time or another are dying. Friends of my parents and  parents of my friends. I should know this is normal  as I spent over … Continue reading

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Since You Asked. . .

Well actually, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway. My attention was grabbed today by the fact that FOX is reportedly including a commercial featuring two, drag queens promoting humus during the Superbowl, but not allowing a … Continue reading

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It’s The Thought That Counts

It was just over two years ago and I was up visiting my parents for a long weekend. My father and I were trying to find something and I was going through his desk drawer when I found a watch … Continue reading

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Home Again

Earlier this evening I returned from a 5-day sojourn up to visit my parents in New Jersey. Today’s drive lasted exactly 13 hours, (0700-2000) which is almost two hours longer than normal. Dad is dealing with some pretty serious health … Continue reading

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Worth Noting

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that today marks my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary. Sixty-five years with the same person is a long time, full of ups and downs, smiles and tears, birthday parties and funerals and all … Continue reading

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Only 1,537 Miles

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet for almost a week. That was due to a quick trip up to NJ to spend a few days with my parents. On the way up, I overnighted at Mount St. Mary’s … Continue reading

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Life Is About Choices, Pt. II

Life is about Choices, Pt. II   Picking my words carefully as I lament the passing of time. I am fifty-seven years old and my parents are in their mid-80’s.  It all began here, with my favorite post,  We Chose … Continue reading

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Road Trip

I am taking a road trip to New Jersey tomorrow to spend a few days with mom & dad. While I love to see my parents, there is something strange about being 57 years old and staying with them.   … Continue reading

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