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334 /500

I came across this image on Instagram while I was in Texas. It is a piece of musical history.   The story behind Wild Horses. Rolling Stone Magazine lists it as #334 out of the 500 greatest songs of all … Continue reading

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Thursdays Are For Memories

It was during the 1970’s that we often listened to our music via something called “Albums.” They were the big brother/sister to “45’s” and both were made from vinyl and played on a rotating platter called a record player, it … Continue reading

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How Many . . .

How many hundreds of thousands of guitar strings were used in the making of this story? The Forty Best Kiss Songs of All Time I will admit, I stopped buying KISS  albums after  “Dressed To Kill” and “Alive” (both released … Continue reading

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Mood Music

Below is the title track to what is possibly the greatest “Mood Supporting” album ever recorded. John Klemmer’s  1975, “Touch” (full, studio album) This song also features the renowned, Dave Grusin on the keyboards and Lary Carlton on guitar. Not … Continue reading

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It is quiet in our home. The daughters, the son-in-law, the boyfriends, the friendly visitors all have made their way back to wherever they currently call home. Dinners, dogs, bowling, visiting others, others visiting us, a few head colds . … Continue reading

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Well, Well.

It has often been said that the music we listen to in our high school-college years becomes the music we listen to for the rest of our lives.  You will not hear me dissenting on that theory. One of the … Continue reading

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Monday Music Trivia

Monday Music Trivia Trying something different.   What band set a record in 1978 by having seven #1 singles in a six month period? Reply with your answer and then read the story here: Tales of Rock. Thanks to @phicklephilly  

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My, How Time Flies

I was 13 years old  (1973)  and I remember hearing this song for the first time over at my friend, Tom McKeon’s house. I got hooked and for the record, (and those of you from my era will remember) my … Continue reading

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Ten Years Seems Like Yesterday

Ten years ago today, prostate cancer took the life of Dan Fogelberg at age 56. It has been said by many that Dan had written the soundtracks of their lives. I include myself in that group. I have always enjoyed … Continue reading

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And Then . . .

“It’s marvelous to be popular, but foolish to think it will last” Dusty Springfield That’s a good observation of life in general; all things, good and bad, come and go. . . and then . . . you die.  

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