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Each Morning

Today, June 18, 2020, would have been my dad’s 89th birthday had he not died last September. A few weeks after his funeral, I was visiting my mom in New Jersey, helping her get a few affairs in order. We … Continue reading

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A Placeholder

My visit to New Jersey will probably come to an end on Monday, (as long as the governor doesn’t seal the state borders) and I will head back to Aiken. The week has flown by and dragged on at the … Continue reading

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That Left A Mark

I had forgotten about this tree, but was reminded the other day for no good reason. While in NJ visiting my mom, I remembered it…just like it was yesterday. If yesterday was Thursday, November 3, 1977. I was a Junior … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Are For Children, Memories Are For Boomers

Isn’t it interesting what we remember (and what we forget) about our childhood? As a little boy, I would get  up at 0700on Saturday mornings to watch Davey and Goliath (click on the link to see my favorite episode) on … Continue reading

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0700 Last night, the “DK Sleep Demons” decided I didn’t need more than 4 hours of often-interrupted rest. The beginning of my 36-hour “vacation” Dragged myself out of bed, brewed the coffee and made my way up to the beach … Continue reading

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The Memories Pile Up

Times like this are never easy, but the love and respect shared by friends and colleagues dull the pain and even brings the occasional smile. It’s interesting how much you learn about someone you thought you knew when you read what … Continue reading

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Where Does The Time Go?

While skimming this morning’s paper, I perused the “Today in History” column, I saw that Louis Armstrong died on July 6, 1971. If someone had stopped me on the street and asked what year “Satchmo” died, I would have guessed … Continue reading

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You Never Know

This morning, I was reminded of the importance of telling stories and sharing experiences.  The reminder caught me by surprise and vacillated between being a gut punch and a great big virtual hug. More importantly, I was reminded that you … Continue reading

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Back Too Soon

Starting in Lexington, SC, 14 May 2019 The last meeting is over at 8:30pm, twelve hours after the day started and sixty minutes to go before I can shed these Allen-Edmonds. Entrance to the Interstate is close by and would … Continue reading

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Might Even Try To Steal Your Sister

This video found its way to me today and I had to share a  story. It was the Summer of 1980. I was home from college and it was a few months after Def Lepard’s inaugural album,  On Through The Night … Continue reading

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