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Why Worry When You Can Laugh?

Yes, there is lots to be concerned about these days. Margy, over at Amusives-Fueled by Carrot Cake has used her isolation time to find some of the funniest memes for smiling through this virus thing. Go on over and smile … Continue reading

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If Nothing Else. . .

If nothing else, this coronavirus thing has given us more funny memes than we could have dreamt up on our own. Stay of good cheer and  . . . wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.  

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A Thoughtful Gift

When I was much younger and single, one of my girlfriends worked in a hospital, and every Christmas and birthday she’d send me an X-ray of her chest. . .  I know, it sounds a bit weird, but it does … Continue reading

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Photo Dump

Here are eleven photos that have been sitting on my desktop, waiting for me to do something with them. I am doing what is called a “photo-dump.”  No rhyme, no reason, just photos.               … Continue reading

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