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On Daughters

During their youth, our daughters were strong and feisty, opinionated and occasionally defiant. It brings me comfort knowing these attributes are serving them well in adulthood. At the time however, they were used to wear me down and sometimes, wear … Continue reading

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Is There A Doctor In The House?

Is there a doctor in the house? Well, there is now. Congratulations to our son-in-law,  Dr. Andrew James Peace, MD who virtually graduated this evening, streamed live on YouTube,  from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. If you have … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

I am safely back in South Carolina after my trip returning Mom home. And, as usual with such trips, I return with a story to tell. Some facts:  The trip, from start to finish took 17.5 hours.  (I left at … Continue reading

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A Celebration

Today we take a break from the mundane tasks of a Fall weekend (like taking a nap and watching college football) to celebrate the upcoming marriage of our youngest daughter. Family and friends from points near and far are descending … Continue reading

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My Philosophy

Sharing some wisdom from Kurt’s Cultural Offering site. Kurt, via Nicholas Bate, just happened to share my Philosophy on seeking medical attention. “Give it two weeks.  If it doesn’t kill you in two weeks, you aren’t going to die from … Continue reading

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On Faith

Faith is not an issue of great knowledge and learning but humble submission not to the prevailing knowledge but to the truth of the Church, timeless and eternal. Protopresbyter Theodore Zissis, courtesy of Fr. Thomas Moore

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It has been a busy week at our house, with lots of excitement, not the least of which was the engagement of our daughter Megan, to Andrew Peace Andrew is also at BCM studying to be a physician.  We have … Continue reading

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Where Does The Time Go?

Today is The Ides of March and the 24th birthday of our youngest daughter.  I suppose if Julius Ceaser had been alive and stabbed by Brutus today, he might be flown to a certain trauma center in Houston and if so, … Continue reading

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It’s Good For Your Body, It’s Good For Your Soul.

It’s been often said, by men much smarter than me,  that as you get older, your favorite music is still from your high school/college days. Can I get an “Amen”? With Megan healing from her surgery and coming home tomorrow, … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Fatherhood

I traveled the hour to Columbia today to have lunch with our daughter, Elissa (aka Jelly)  and to meet her “new” dog, Selby.  Elissa was in charge, picking up sandwiches from DiPrato’s Deli and we had a picnic under a … Continue reading

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