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And You Can Keep The Dime . . .

This meme showed up in my FB feed yesterday and I can’t get the song out of my head, thus here we are. It is remarkable that those references mean nothing to my daughters generation as it seems we are … Continue reading

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TBT, Croce

Realizing that many of the folks reading the blog might not even have been born yet when Jim Croce died in 1973 and others were too young to remember what a rising star he was, I wanted to remind you. … Continue reading

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Anchored Deep In My Brain

Do those of you of a certain age group ever find yourself listening to a “vintage” song and as it’s playing, anticipate the switch from one “track” to the next on the ‘ol 8-track player. For you youngsters, 8 track … Continue reading

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Don’t You Know I Had A Dream Last Night

Anyone besides yours truly having trouble sleeping these days? To take it one step further, anyone else having weird dreams? My sleep schedule has become completely disrupted and my dreams have gotten more unusual. Last night, after sleeping for two … Continue reading

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How Time Flies

This Wednesday, February 6th, will mark the beginning of my 10th year of daily (usually) blogging. A buddy of mine suggested I enter this hobby when I didn’t even know what it was. Doug is still a daily blogger and this is … Continue reading

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. . .  and sometimes both. My wife and I were relaxing after dinner and she said something that reminded me of the late, Jim Croce. It is hard to believe that it’s been almost 45 years since he and … Continue reading

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