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Why Worry When You Can Laugh?

Yes, there is lots to be concerned about these days. Margy, over at Amusives-Fueled by Carrot Cake has used her isolation time to find some of the funniest memes for smiling through this virus thing. Go on over and smile … Continue reading

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Our New Normal?

My wife and I have been spending every day together for a little over a month now and aside from not being able to see the girls and granddaughter, it doesn’t seem all that much different. Well, at least I … Continue reading

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Perhaps A Bit Of Show Boating?

All this isolation is making me crazy. I’ve pretty much given up on watching TV, aside from a few minutes in the afternoon to catch some news. Amazon Prime delivered a book today that I’ve been thinking about for a … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Is Friday

I spent most of today thinking it was Wednesday. Just a few minutes ago, I saw that tomorrow is Friday, so I must be off a day, but what does it matter? Earlier this evening, I drove Alicia over to … Continue reading

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How Ya Doin’ Boys? We’re Here For 30 Days

Isn’t this a special time to be alive? I was trying to come up with a song that reminded me of what we are currently experiencing and almost immediately, this one came to mind. 30 Days In The Hole I … Continue reading

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If Nothing Else. . .

If nothing else, this coronavirus thing has given us more funny memes than we could have dreamt up on our own. Stay of good cheer and  . . . wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.  

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Home, In The Weeds

I have returned to South Carolina and since I was in northern New Jersey for the last  ten days, my only travel for the next two weeks will be between my yard and my office. Today, I began catching up … Continue reading

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Twitter Wisdom

In my bored state, I stumbled on this…..funny, but not surprising.

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At Least Once A Day

“Sometimes I wish I could be the load of laundry in my dryer so I could sit in the dark, quiet space and everyone would ignore me for at least a week.” “Borrowed” from @joquick44 on Instagram. (www.hempquick.net)  

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