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Red, White & Blue

Below is a fitting song for the day, Red, White & Blue, performed live by Lynyrd Skynyrd back in 2003 in TN. Besides being a patriotic song, that lineup of the band featured two of my favorite guitarists.  One is … Continue reading

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When In The Course Of Human Events. . .

It has been many years since I last read the Declaration of Independence. I don’t feel too bad as I have seen it reported that the majority of people currently living in these United States have never completely read it. … Continue reading

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Crazy Times

Crazy times, indeed and there are so many political and societal events I’d like to comment on, but will hold my tongue for a change. I will however, share a meme that I found on the page of  a long-time … Continue reading

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The Founders

“The Founders were deeply flawed, but democracy and liberty are not. Let’s focus less on their failings, and more on their ideals. The Founders are for everyone, and we need them”.. . Craig Bruce Smith An interesting story for this Independence Day. … Continue reading

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In America

Happy Independence day, Y’all. This is the Charlie Daniels Band patriotic hit song from 1980. The song was released during the Iranian Hostage crisis and showed the renewed patriotism in the United States during that time. The song was also … Continue reading

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