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What A Weekend!

What a weekend! Saturday morning, our youngest daughter Megan,  gave birth to her and Andrew’s first child and our second grandson.  They are in Michigan and everyone is doing well! Then today, our first grandson was baptized during a beautiful … Continue reading

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Batter Up!

It was 100 years ago today that the first major league baseball game was broadcast on the radio.  KDKA ( Pittsburgh, PA) announcer Harold Arlin described the action between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies at Forbes Field. That … Continue reading

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Today In History

On this day, July 2nd, 1776, The Continental Congress resolves with the Declaration of Independence that the American colonies “are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.”  (Signed on July 2nd, celebrated on July 4th) We all … Continue reading

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True Then, True Now

“Liberty is traditional and conservative; it remembers its legends and its heroes.  But tyranny is always young and seemingly innocent, and asks us to forget the past” –G. K. Chesterton

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A Needed Departure From Christmas Merriment

  *A Longing for the Lost Landline* In the landline world, there was downtime. You left home, you looked around, you saw people, you daydreamed. By Roger Cohen This is a lament for the landline, a rhapsody for its dial tone, … Continue reading

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The Next Thing

It is difficult to fathom that this song was being performed over 41 years ago and less than 3 months before the plane crash. We never know when the next thing we know will be the last thing we know. Go … Continue reading

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The Founders

“The Founders were deeply flawed, but democracy and liberty are not. Let’s focus less on their failings, and more on their ideals. The Founders are for everyone, and we need them”.. . Craig Bruce Smith An interesting story for this Independence Day. … Continue reading

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Another Icon Religated To History

Cannon has stopped making film cameras.   I learned how to take photographs with a Canon AE-1 somewhere during the 1980’s. It was an icon of picture taking. The first camera (I believe) that could be used manually and with automatic … Continue reading

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Back In The Day

I remember this. Do you? Simpler times, smaller problems. Thanks Mr.  “Almost Dr. P”

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