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Today’s Lesson

Self control is strength. . .  Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. Do not allow others to control the direction of your life. … Continue reading

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Not My Genes

Our  grandson Maddox is four days old. Nice hair. I’m jealous. I took an overhead selfie today to remind myself that I’m not four days old and am more like how I remember my grandfather looking before he died in … Continue reading

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“Plan B” Is A Much Better Option

Today was a rare (well, maybe not that rare) Sunday that I had to go in to the office for a few hours. On my way in, I stopped by the beach and watched the sun rise at exactly 0700 … Continue reading

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The Perfect Pivot

One of the most valuable benefits of smart phones is that when it seems that the world is not cooperating with your plans, you can pull out your phone, view photos/videos of your grandchildren,  . .  and not care about … Continue reading

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Happy Grandfather’s Day

Yes, I’m well aware that today is also Mother’s Day and I worked out many of the relative  details  ahead of time.  I have already spoken to my mother (at 0650 hrs.)  for the first of at least two times … Continue reading

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