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Let’s Try This Again.

A little over a week ago, I posted a story and I was shocked by how few people liked or commented on it.  The post was entitled  Flashback ( A Must Read). What started off as a simple post to … Continue reading

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Flashback (A Must Read)

I came accross this meme earlier today and the picture caught my eye and then I embraced the value of the verse. The picture,  a Phoenix rising from the flames also reminded me of a record album I won at … Continue reading

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Pay Attention Boys & Girls

I came across an article today about Grand Funk Railroad, one of the great stadium acts of the 1970s.  There were lots of interesting facts about the band, most of which I never knew. Here is the link: Grand Funk … Continue reading

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45 Years And One Month Ago

After I stumbled across a news item on We’re An American Band, I couldn’t resist reminding y’all that the album was released just over 45 years ago, in July of 1973. The single followed a few weeks later.   The title … Continue reading

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