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On Friends

Where have they all gone? I have been blogging for close to 13 years now and have made the acquaintance of folks all around the world.  During the same time however, most of my “In Real Life” friends have died, … Continue reading

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The Tradition Continues

Ever since Tom and Nancy Hartmann introduced me to this song  some 41 years ago, not a Thanksgiving has passed that I have not played it. I still have a vinyl album that Tom gave me. Now, since they are … Continue reading

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Tell Me How You Really Feel

Here is a lesson sent to me this morning by our middle daughter, the mother of our granddaughter. It was being passed around by some teachers.  The great oracle, Google, attributes it to Joey deVilla and about a dozen others. … Continue reading

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One By One

I’m getting older. One by one, people who have been part of my life at one time or another are dying. Friends of my parents and  parents of my friends. I should know this is normal  as I spent over … Continue reading

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OK God, There You Go Again.

I have been pondering this story for just over a week now, trying to decide how much to tell and how much might be better left on the editing room floor? Pondering if anyone else would be able to see … Continue reading

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A Throw Back Reminder

As I grow older, I find myself focusing on fewer activities and appreciating the simple things around me. Today, when I had a few extra minutes in between appointments, I stopped by the historic Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia to visit … Continue reading

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Thank You

Yesterday was my birthday. There was a time that 59 sounded like the age of an old man, but that has become a relative. Still, birthdays are better when you are younger. There is, however, some sense of accomplishment for … Continue reading

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The Power Of One

“A single rose can be my garden . . . a single friend, my world” from the late, great Leo Buscaglia I loved his voice, delivery and especially his messages. When everything is confused and jumbled, a verse like this puts … Continue reading

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This Year Is No Different, But It Is

It was last night that I  realized that this will be the first Thanksgiving since 1978 that I haven’t talked to Tom and/or Nancy Hartmann while listening to Alice’s Restaurant. During my late teens and early twenties and when not away … Continue reading

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