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Emotional Economics

“Nothing is easier, or more emotionally satisfying, than blaming high prices on those who charge them, rather than on those who cause them.” -Dr. Thomas Sowell

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Kennedy. . . A Conspiracist?

“A nation that is afraid to lets its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” -President John F. Kennedy Imagine a democrat saying that today? My, how things … Continue reading

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Comment From The Cheap Seats

When Angela Merkle chimes in support of our President, it should cause you to take notice. If that is not enough, does this saying make any sense? “When you tear out a man’s tongue you are not proving him a … Continue reading

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Stop What You Are Doing

Stop what you are doing, click on the link below and watch this 5-minute video. This is an opinion that carries some weight. #EverybodyCalmDown.   #TDS Iranian Woman Speaks Out. I found this earlier on Kurt’s site and was amazed, … Continue reading

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On Neighborhood Relations.

I used to have problems with some of my neighbors, but since I have started packaging my trash this way, they seem much more pleasant.   They say “Good Morning” with a smile, keep the music volume real low and … Continue reading

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Humble Beginnings

Most people don’t know it, but the resort empire built by our current President has it’s humble origin in Orangeburg, SC. Located on Five Chop Rd./Hwy 301, I hear they still charge by the hour, although I have no direct … Continue reading

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