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I’ve been wrestling with myself as to whether or not I was going to do this, but as I state in the “about me” on the blog, “I refer to this as a look out my window.”  If I did … Continue reading

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Together Again

When it comes to what happens after we die, all we have is our faith and our hope that we are reunited with our loved ones. That being said, I hope that dad was waiting for mom when she passed … Continue reading

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Not A Hill Of Beans

Many years ago I was taught a poem by my mentor and friend, Todd VanBeck. It is a poem that shares the the experience of the life’s work I have chosen and toiled at. This afternoon I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions For All Of Us

“Borrowed” from Colleen Brown at The Chatter Blog where you can get a daily dose of “Good Stuff”. Follow her and tell her the undertaker sent you.

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And Then Its Time To Go

Since I am a contrarian by nature, I will look ahead as opposed to looking behind me on this TBT. It’s been a few years since I shared this photo. It still makes me think every time I see it.  … Continue reading

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Someone Has To Do It

People often ask me how I can be a funeral director?  Isn’t it emotionally draining is just one of the many questions I get asked day in and day out in addition to those asking about the “raw data of … Continue reading

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Opening Paragraphs

A little light reading as Lent is just around the corner. You Are Going To Die. The moment you are born you begin dying. You may die in fifty years, ten years, perhaps tomorrow – or even today. But whenever … Continue reading

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Matters Of The Heart

Have you ever been to a funeral and after hearing the eulogy, wonder if you were at the right service? A few years back, I was at a funeral for a man I knew and we were close enough that … Continue reading

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Seeing Sun Through The Fog

This has been a very challenging Spring, OK…year. The unusually cool and breezy weather we have enjoyed the last few weeks has been replaced by the heat, humidity and gnats that South Carolina is famous for.  Opened, screened windows have … Continue reading

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You Never Know

Saw a quote that said, “Speak to people in a way that if they died the next day you’d be satisfied with the last thing you said to them,” and I can’t emphasize this enough. Good point.  It does have … Continue reading

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