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A Colorful Day Reminded Me . . .

Autumn in our part of South Carolina is fairly predictable… It might be in the low 40’s in the morning, but the temperature is likely to be close to 70 during the afternoon, before it drops rapidly after sunset and … Continue reading

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Page One

I read a good bit to try to keep up with all the changes that are taking place in my business world and I try to do that reading early in the day when my eyes are fresh from a … Continue reading

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Worth A Look

As difficult as it may be to believe, some good has come out of this pandemic which we all  have been experiencing for the last nine months. Prior to March of 2020, David Kanigan would spend his mornings commuting to … Continue reading

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A Look Behind The Curtain

Thank you (I think), David Kanigan for the opportunity to pull aside the curtain and expose myself.  Everything you ever wanted to know about me. . . and then some. Ray Takes The Proust Questionaire David’s blog,  Live & Learn … Continue reading

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For Just A Moment . . .

Sometimes . . .  somehow . . .  something occurs that makes me believe that there is a real order to the universe and certain events happen for a reason. Events like The Duck Parade For just a moment, all is well … Continue reading

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I read this story the other day on David Kanigan’s blog. I’ve never met DK, but because of our blogging relationship, (spanning close to a decade) I consider him one of my closest friends, strange as that may seem. I … Continue reading

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I Think She Is On To Something

DK  thinks Linn is on to something. I agree.   Oh, so much truth. . . Snickers and Maggie both left us in 2018, Their spirits still roam through the house.    

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That Time Of Year

It is cold and damp in usually warm and dry South Carolina.   Our “Thanksgiving Holiday” is in two days and this will be the first time in countless years that our family of five will be together for the … Continue reading

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