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You Paid For It. Don’t You Own It?

Kurt Harden, long time host of the CulturalOffering blog, shares his thoughts on some news from Amazon, “and customers will no longer be able to download already-purchased books a year later.”  It is a cogent, interesting description of what we … Continue reading

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A Choice

We all have heard the hypothetical question, “If you could pick one person, dead or alive, to sit and talk with on a park bench for an hour, who would it be? Well, from the first time I was ever … Continue reading

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Simple, Yet Profound

I found this gem while doing my morning read.  Those of you that know my blogging community will not be surprised that I found this over at CulturalOffering. I decided, upon reading the story that I would be re-blogging it … Continue reading

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Jumped The Gun, As Usual

. . . but not the “Love Gun” One day last week, I was reading an article about the 16th, final  KISS tour.  (OK, 16th is a slight exaggeration, but not by much). They had a good run, but all … Continue reading

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Hello, How Are You?

Here is an example of what you can learn from the founder and keeper of the list of the 25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter.  Where entertaining meets informative. The Nose Podcast can be found here, at Cultural Offering. … Continue reading

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Credit Added

As I was reading my daily blogs yesterday, I came across an article at Cultural Offering entitled,  Record Year, -#323. This was a short story about Randy Meisner’s Album, One More Song. Thanks to my buddy Kurt for reminding me of … Continue reading

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