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Progress Or Regression?

On this day, April 7, 1927, the image and voice of then Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover was transmitted from Washington DC to New York City. This was the first successful long-distance demonstration of the television. I recall growing up outside … Continue reading

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A Break

I am taking a break from watching re-runs of Friends to bring you this observation, . .  with insincere apologies to my woke brothers. Thanks to Kurt at Cultural Offering, where men amuse themselves with manly pursuits. PS….just joking about “Friends”…never … Continue reading

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A PSA That Matters

Courtesy of Kurt Harden and Greg Gutfield. A PSA by everyday people. The real truth in advertising. Have a great week everybody!!

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Tweet This

If you are on Twitter, I encourage you to follow  Steve Landry (@landrySt) for a regular dose of all sorts of entertaining wisdom. I’ve twice visited with Steve when I was up to see my parents. One time can be found … Continue reading

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