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Silly Saturday

It’s been years and years since I last heard this and when I stumbled  (OK, I searched for it)  I thought I should share. I suppose it isn’t very PC/woke of me, but I’ve never pretended to be either. Soon … Continue reading

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This Grandfather . . .

I’ll start with a hearty “Thank You!” to the late Mr. Jobs and the developers at Apple that in 2007, created a device that could take a quality photo and then instantly transmit it anywhere in the world.  This grandfather … Continue reading

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Blah, Blah, Blah

I don’t know about you, but I’m considering pulling the plug on all social media and TV news.    Who to believe, who to ignore, how to comment? I’ve enjoyed listening to more great music as I have weened myself … Continue reading

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Thinking … Too Much

I just heard that there are only 365 shopping days until Christmas (2020 is a leap year). Swell. Christmas seemed different this year. It was a great day, but it was different. We weren’t running around from place to place … Continue reading

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Everyone Is From Somewhere . . .

It was 1989 when the Rock Island Album was released and after hearing “Another Christmas Song” I said that someday, I would be the old man mentioned in the song. Thirty years later, with dad dying this year,  that prophecy … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

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Taking The Easy Way Out

        Christmas Eve is almost upon us and I suppose already is for some of my readers. Be sure to click on the link to get to the blog page as the primary subject is in a … Continue reading

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Counting Down

There are a few, three to be exact, contemporary songs that I associate with Christmas. One a day for the next three days while I pitter around the house. #3 Dan Fogelberg’s Same Auld Lang Syne

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A Christmas Card

Megan and Martha arrived safely from Houston. Martha has enjoyed playing with Mackenzie and Big Red. Elissa spent most of the day with us and Kelliann topped by for a while.  It was nice to have all of our girls … Continue reading

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All of a sudden, it has gotten very quiet around here. The happy sounds of daughters baking late into the night are now over, (but the fruits of their labor will last a while longer). The ongoing discussions/planning of the … Continue reading

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