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Kobayashi Maru

A few weeks back, I was talking to a colleague who I  respect and enjoy being around. We were sharing  the ups and downs of each of our careers over the years and my friend brought up how we often … Continue reading

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The Somber Pragmatist

Here’s to looking in the rearview mirror at a string of crappy weeks. People who support you to your face, but work against you behind your back. The frustration of trying to help someone who didn’t think he needed the … Continue reading

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Self Portrait

I am what I am.   There were times I’ve tried being something different. Outcomes were occasionally disappointing. The view forward is often crystal clear but occasionally blurred. I’ll be what I’ll be. All in all, it could be a … Continue reading

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The Journey That Was 2017, Pt. 1

The Journey that was 2017, Part 1 Much time has been spent debating whether or not I would ever publicly tell this story and if I did, could I make it reasonably interesting? Several of you have asked about what … Continue reading

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View From My Desk

The view from my desk Monday morning   Autumn sun streaming through the blinds Options, decisions, execution The results;  up to me.  

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