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Often Forgotten

“When you were made a leader,  you weren’t given a crown; you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others” -Jack Welch Unfortunately for some, the title becomes a tool to bully co-workers while exempting themselves from … Continue reading

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Climbing The Stepstool?

Have you ever known someone, or more than one person, whose climb up the company step stool  was accelerated because they were constantly telling the boss how smart she or he was? I’ve known several since I started working almost … Continue reading

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Opening Paragraphs

  Two monks were walking down a country road. They came across a beautiful young girl standing by a muddy stream, afraid to cross it by herself. One monk went over too her, picked her up, and safely carried her … Continue reading

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Who Would Have Thought?

Does anyone know what tomorrow will bring? What new surprise (s) await us? Remember when you kind of had an idea of what Monday morning would be like? I came across this picture earlier today and that it was a … Continue reading

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