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I Like To Walk . . .

I like to walk with Grandpa… He takes his time you see, His steps are little just like mine; He stops and waits for me. He lets me ask him questions, He lets me hold his hand. He makes me … Continue reading

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Thanks For The Reminder

Even though I had mentioned it just over a week ago with Through Alternative Prisms, I forgot that today marked the beginning of my 12th year as a blogger. That was until the bots at WP sent me a congratulatory … Continue reading

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Solving For Happy

What happens when an engineer tries their hand at creating a formula for happiness? Solve for Happy is the story from Read On blog. Here is a tease. . . That is all well and good, but I’m not an … Continue reading

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A Choice

We all have heard the hypothetical question, “If you could pick one person, dead or alive, to sit and talk with on a park bench for an hour, who would it be? Well, from the first time I was ever … Continue reading

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Why Worry When You Can Laugh?

Yes, there is lots to be concerned about these days. Margy, over at Amusives-Fueled by Carrot Cake has used her isolation time to find some of the funniest memes for smiling through this virus thing. Go on over and smile … Continue reading

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Share The Love

Bloggers, as a group are typically happy and engaging, eager to share our world with others. A few months ago, I mentioned having lunch with a blogging friend, Just Another Day.  This post includes a photo of Jim and me … Continue reading

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Breathe, Repeat

I hope Colleen doesn’t mind me borrowing her artwork, but this is just too good not to share….an important reminder to all. May I suggest you stop by and visit The Chatter Blog and subscribe. You’ll thank me later.

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Here We Go Again

Here we go again with another episode of “Blogger’s Block” My mind is bouncing around like a pinball machine being used in the “Pinball World Championship” Youtube has made it impossible to embed videos in the blog, so now I’ll … Continue reading

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A Look Behind The Curtain

Thank you (I think), David Kanigan for the opportunity to pull aside the curtain and expose myself.  Everything you ever wanted to know about me. . . and then some. Ray Takes The Proust Questionaire David’s blog,  Live & Learn … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

I am safely back in South Carolina after my trip returning Mom home. And, as usual with such trips, I return with a story to tell. Some facts:  The trip, from start to finish took 17.5 hours.  (I left at … Continue reading

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