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Bloggers, Readers & Fools

Bloggers come and bloggers go. Readers come and readers go. Bloggers don’t always blog Readers don’t always read. “Sometimes we forget that God knows our hearts better than we do”   Yesterday, I was scanning through my various feeds and … Continue reading

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Well, It Should Have Been

I have been searching for the proper words. Any words for that matter. Fail. A blogger that I have been following since November of 2012 summed it up better than I could. Yvonne is a “Jersey Girl” who is able … Continue reading

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Flashback & Anticipation

Below is a link to an advertisement/public service announcement back from the days when things were just a bit different. (ht to bits&pieces) “If You Must Smoke While Wearing Your Influenza Mask I took a partial screenshot and highlighted two … Continue reading

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The Uncluttered Mind

Ann probably takes as many pictures each day as do all the photographers at Getty Images and also rivals them on quality. She manages that accomplishment around her work as a group/individual psychotherapist. Today is her 2017th consecutive day of blogging … Continue reading

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One, Very Good Reason To Blog

One of the benefits of blogging is that I get to “virtually meet” people from all around the world, learning about interesting places and things. Every once in a while, I am fortunate and actually get to meet another blogger in … Continue reading

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Ask Ann

Ann has been blogging daily for 1,722 days. (Except for a few days that Michael filled in) I have been following Ann’s blog for 1,009 days I doubt there is anyone that takes more pictures with their iPhone than Ann. … Continue reading

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