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Spinning Like An IOS Beach Ball

Nothing to see here folks but another case of “Bloggers Block” There are so many stories I want to tell, but just can’t seem to find the energy to put them together and make them worth reading.  My mind is … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

Here we go again with another episode of “Blogger’s Block” My mind is bouncing around like a pinball machine being used in the “Pinball World Championship” Youtube has made it impossible to embed videos in the blog, so now I’ll … Continue reading

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Blogger’s Block

During the nine and a half years I have been blogging, there were a handful of times that I claimed to suffer from “Blogger’s Block.”  Those proclamations were usually followed by my getting energized and becoming a “Prolific Blogger”. I … Continue reading

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On Scandal

As I searched for a topic for today’s blog, I was at a loss for ideas as the weekend drew closer. Blank stares at a 13″ LCD screen.  Blogger’s Block? I surrendered, moved on and began perusing my morning reads, … Continue reading

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