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A Colorful Day Reminded Me . . .

Autumn in our part of South Carolina is fairly predictable… It might be in the low 40’s in the morning, but the temperature is likely to be close to 70 during the afternoon, before it drops rapidly after sunset and … Continue reading

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Little Changed at 1520

While driving to work in the September darkness this morning, it was announced that Autumn would commence at 3:20pm this afternoon, (1520 using 24-hour time). Living in the lowcountry of South Carolina has many benefits, but “Autumn” is not one … Continue reading

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Going, Going, Almost Gone

My favorite tree  is almost bare. “The seasons change and so do I”…… (lyric to a song I can’t recall the name of.)

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On Time

Isn’t it strange how time seems to speed up as you get older? Seasons come and seasons go . . . and come . . . and go. It seems this year that October arrived right after June, or maybe … Continue reading

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Can’t Be?

As hot as it has been the last few weeks months, it is difficult to believe that today s the first day of Fall. They tell me, however, that it is. The fact that I will be spending the next … Continue reading

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That Time Of Year

It is cold and damp in usually warm and dry South Carolina.   Our “Thanksgiving Holiday” is in two days and this will be the first time in countless years that our family of five will be together for the … Continue reading

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View From My Desk

The view from my desk Monday morning   Autumn sun streaming through the blinds Options, decisions, execution The results;  up to me.  

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While I Do Not Need An Excuse. . .

Later today, at 4:01pm (EDST) Autumn begins.   That is as good as reason as any to listen to some George Winston, who just happens to have a  album entitled “Autumn”.  That being said, this Winston fan does not need an … Continue reading

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