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Angels Rejoice

I don’t think I have ever met Rev. Tim McClendon. My loss. I retired from funeral service about the same time he came to be the senior pastor of a local church.  It was shortly thereafter that I found his … Continue reading

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Spotted On A Back Road.

Besides Jesus, what else do choosy mothers choose? I love the church signs in The South.

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What Happens When You Take Away Their iPhones

Below is an example of enthusiastic joy when Martha, a 2-year old rescue meets Henry, a 10-month old rescue. We took away their iPhones, so they had to find something else to do.  It didn’t take more than a few … Continue reading

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Corporate Spin (aka BS)

I read today that the bank branch that I have been using for almost 20 years, is closing this Spring. That, in and of itself is not a crisis in my life as most of our banking is done online. … Continue reading

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“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday” Don Marquis

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I’ll Be There

This is a local (Aiken, SC) post, so I apologize to those in far away places. It was also written on August 30th, but I waited until the website was up and running. Back on June 26th, Dr.Kent Cubbage, while … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions

I currently have a few, “opinion posts” in progress and I am trying to get to a decision as to whether I will publish them. I’ve tried to shy away from controversy lately, but sometimes I just need to tell … Continue reading

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The Color Of Spring

Today, amongst the rain and forecasts for another snowy Nor’Easter, (luckily we are hundreds of miles away from that), I had my first look at this season’s Wisteria bloom. After seeing it, I was on the lookout for additional blooms … Continue reading

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The People Are The Difference

There was “something about Aiken” that I first noticed during my visits in early 1999.  We were considering buying the funeral homes and cemetery there and surely didn’t want to make a bad decision.   I didn’t feel the stress … Continue reading

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Honey For Your Ears

Working on the computer last evening, I noticed a FB notification. A buddy of mine released a self-produced music video, so I stopped what I was doing and watched it.  When the guy who was James Brown’s (yes, that James Brown) … Continue reading

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