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Red, White & Blue

Below is a fitting song for the day, Red, White & Blue, performed live by Lynyrd Skynyrd back in 2003 in TN. Besides being a patriotic song, that lineup of the band featured two of my favorite guitarists.  One is … Continue reading

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Hold My Beer

“What instrument do you play?” “Artillery” “That’s not an instrument” “Hold my beer” Readers may recall I posted this piece of music (different performance) a few months ago.  It’s worth listening to it again. In it’s entirety, this is one … Continue reading

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There Must Be A Reason

There must be a reason why the latest ios update includes the following, new  feature:   Those of you with dogs and horses are probably still recovering from last night and the fireworks.  My wife was in Houston with our … Continue reading

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When In The Course Of Human Events. . .

It has been many years since I last read the Declaration of Independence. I don’t feel too bad as I have seen it reported that the majority of people currently living in these United States have never completely read it. … Continue reading

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Yes, You Could Say . . .

July 4th.  Our Nation’s birthday, but this year,  it seems more like a cross between a stomach virus, a  Monty Python skit and an obscure, Frank Zappa song. I’m preparing for my evening as an “Emotional Support Human” for the … Continue reading

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The Best Is Yet To Come?

Today is July 1st. 2020 is half over. Before I get into my topic, Happy Canada Day to the my readers “North of the Border” We are halfway through the year and aside from George Orwell and Rod Serling, not … Continue reading

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Crazy Times

Crazy times, indeed and there are so many political and societal events I’d like to comment on, but will hold my tongue for a change. I will however, share a meme that I found on the page of  a long-time … Continue reading

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