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Best Quote Of 2020, So Far

Being an active blogger just might make you smarter. If not actually smarter, you might at least appear smarter. Blogging buddy and mentor, Kurt Harden came up with a quote so cogent that I had to text him to verify … Continue reading

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It Was A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

The blogging neighborhood, that is. In an attempt to effectively deal with the isolation many of us are experiencing and to nurture old and new friendships, Steve Landry had an idea. Steve offered to host a “Virtual Happy Hour” (VHH) … Continue reading

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Treasonous Opinions?

In just a few days, I will be celebrating (?) ten years as a blogger. Over the next week or so, I will share posts from bloggers who helped nurture my interest and hone my skills in doing “this thing … Continue reading

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Stop What You Are Doing

Stop what you are doing, click on the link below and watch this 5-minute video. This is an opinion that carries some weight. #EverybodyCalmDown.   #TDS Iranian Woman Speaks Out. I found this earlier on Kurt’s site and was amazed, … Continue reading

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The world has more blogs than you could ever read in your lifetime, so it is important to pick good ones. My friend Kurt Harden provides a good starting point with his 25 Blogs Guaranteed To Make You Smarter.   … Continue reading

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Third Hand Collection

When you are a participant in the arena of blogging, you are always on the lookout for something to save and use at a later date.  Every once in a while, you realize you have more photos than you could … Continue reading

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Hello, How Are You?

Here is an example of what you can learn from the founder and keeper of the list of the 25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter.  Where entertaining meets informative. The Nose Podcast can be found here, at Cultural Offering. … Continue reading

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Why I Blog.

When I started blogging almost nine years ago, one of the first serious bloggers I came in contact with was Kurt, the boss over at CulturalOffering.com.  Kurt, along with Doug over at Eclecticity Light mentored me and helped me keep … Continue reading

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Tweet This

If you are on Twitter, I encourage you to follow  Steve Landry (@landrySt) for a regular dose of all sorts of entertaining wisdom. I’ve twice visited with Steve when I was up to see my parents. One time can be found … Continue reading

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A Noble Hobby, Indeed

Here is what a 90- year old grandmother can do with a paintbrush and some time on her hands.  Click here for the story and more photographs of her stunning work. It is also an example of the beauty you can … Continue reading

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