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#TBT, A Budget Guide

After my mother’s death in June, we had the task of preparing cleaning out her condo for sale. Mom liked to “collect stuff”  and we spent days, including  hiring trucks to haul new and/or still useful items away to needy … Continue reading

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A Long, Long Time Ago, #TBT

As my sisters and I cleaned out our parent’s condo after mom’s death last month, each of us took a few memories with us.  We  donated the rest of the furnishings/clothing to a family in need and then some to … Continue reading

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#TBT, Formative Years

Pondering a TBT song  today as I  think about my  40 year college reunion at Mt. St. Mary’s University (it was “College” back then) this weekend in Maryland… 40 years!  Sorry I won’t be there, but I’ll be playing the … Continue reading

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TBT, Croce

Realizing that many of the folks reading the blog might not even have been born yet when Jim Croce died in 1973 and others were too young to remember what a rising star he was, I wanted to remind you. … Continue reading

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You Decide, They Decide

Welcome to #TBT Many moons ago, when our now-grown daughters were in grade school, we would occasionally go out to a family-friendly (spelled inexpensive) restaurant for dinner.  All three of the girls liked Shirley Temples and it was a safe … Continue reading

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Remember When?

It wasn’t that long ago that 100mb Zip Drives were considered “power storage.” It was before I made the switch from IBM to Mac. Every once in a while, I plug them in and look for some nugget from yesteryear. … Continue reading

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Eight Years Later

Way, way back in 2011, I wrote a story on the old blog entitled “I Get It Now.” It was my observation of our daughters growing up and becoming their own person. Eight years later, Elissa  (Jelly) is married for … Continue reading

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Can’t Drown A Heart

Is it egotistical to re-blog one of your own posts?  I hope not. A short, Throw Back Thursday Post. When In Doubt, Move On Picture of “Larry’s Last Stand”, February 2016. (It was the last time we played together as … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thanksgiving Thursday

“I’ve been lately thinkin’ . . . John Denver, Poems, Prayers & Promises. I’ve been thinking that since I started blogging in early 2010, each year at Thanksgiving I posted a version of the song Alice’s Restaurant and usually added … Continue reading

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Back In The Day

While stopping for a few groceries on the way home today, two things struck me. First, there was now an entire aisle of “Pumpkin Spice” foods.  Yes, it is that time of year and I’ll probably report in on that … Continue reading

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