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Before It Was Cool (Or Mandated)

Have a great week, everyone!  This cartoon made me think about how cool my parents and grandparents were when the used solar and wind before it was cool to do so.

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Got it, Mrs. Humphrey

I have pretty clear memories of auto-shop class in high school during the late 1970s. Do they even have “shop” these days? Concurrently, I recall practicing on my mom’s car in our garage, taking parts off the motor and then … Continue reading

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What Else Don’t We Know?

I am not prone to “fact-checking” statements.  Life is too short to need to be right about everything. Earlier today, however, I came across a statement that caused me to pause and poke around a little bit.  The statement was found … Continue reading

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Low Tech In South Carolina

This week, following my Take The Backroads philosophy, I’ve already traveled about 100 miles on roads that I have never been on before. The picture below was taken less than 8 miles from where I live. I thought this was a … Continue reading

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A New Way To Shop

Well, maybe it’s not a new way, but I just got around to noticing. The Internet continues to open up all sorts of shopping opportunities. A few weeks ago, my daughter and son in law (before he was official) ordered a book … Continue reading

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The New Normal

Late one night, at a bar somewhere in America: “What’s your favorite position in bed?” “Near the wall so I can use my phone while it’s charging.” No wonder the birth rate is down. Courtesy of @sarcasm_only for the theme … Continue reading

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Blogger Alert. Any Suggestions?

For the last few weeks, I have been getting several, new followers each day (usually overnight), but not your typical follower. Usually, WP will provide a name and if the follower is a blogger, their URL. None.    Typically, a … Continue reading

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Binge Day, Check

I just finished watching season four of the Peaky Blinders series on NETFLIX. The New York Times says this about Season Four. Thanks to our daughter Elissa and her fiance (until they marry two weeks from today) Cole for introducing me … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know About That

A few days ago, I cited a tech article regarding Amazon’s Alexa and called it, Hey, Alexa! Some interesting comments on that post, but a friend sent me a follow-up video, care of our friends at Saturday Night Live.   … Continue reading

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Hey, Alexa!

  Hey Alexa!    (Black helicopter alert).   Below is a thought-provoking  “tech article” about the bout the  “home assistants” like Amazon Echo and Google Home. As I have been known to say, “just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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