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An Accomplishment

On Monday, I was able to: Probate my mother’s estate Sell her car. Close out her bank accounts Sign a contract for her condo (cash offer, over asking price, with no contingencies, Thank you Lisa!) All in less than four … Continue reading

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4K In 7

During the last seven days, I have driven over 4,000 miles. I swore I’d never do it again, but I upped my game this time and this trip involved a significant family event, coupled with significant family members.  I believe … Continue reading

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Temporary Surrender Of My Man Card

I spent most of this week seeing some new views of the fruited plains. Four days, three different vehicles, seven states, and forty-one hours of driving. I thought I said that I would never make that trip again? There will … Continue reading

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It’s The Way We Do It Down In South Carolina

I’ll be back on the road again tomorrow….960 miles to Houston, but who’s counting. This will be a multi-purpose visit and I’m looking forward to all aspects of the trip. If all goes well, I just might tell a few … Continue reading

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Saddle Up

Several factors have kept me from these pages over the last few days and in a few minutes, I’ll start an 11-hour drive to NJ to see mom. Well, not exactly.  I’m driving up there to bring her back to … Continue reading

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I Know This To Be True

I’ll eventually get to my point of the title. I’m back from the road trip from South Carolina New Jersey for my dad’s funeral. It was a sad trip, but he was ready and while my mom might not agree, … Continue reading

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Home Again

Earlier this evening I returned from a 5-day sojourn up to visit my parents in New Jersey. Today’s drive lasted exactly 13 hours, (0700-2000) which is almost two hours longer than normal. Dad is dealing with some pretty serious health … Continue reading

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Road Trip Take Aways

Mission accomplished and a new, PR (personal record, from my running days) was achieved. I drove 1,906.9 miles in a span of 42 hours, taking our daughter’s dog back to her in Houston, TX and turning around to come home … Continue reading

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Patience:  What you have when there are too many witnesses. unk. Martha…no patience when it came to scoffing down a Beignet in Baton Rouge a few months ago.

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Only 1,537 Miles

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet for almost a week. That was due to a quick trip up to NJ to spend a few days with my parents. On the way up, I overnighted at Mount St. Mary’s … Continue reading

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