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Just Sayin’

Thanks, Carl Higbie

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Rod Chimes In

Imagine if you will, A world where every tweet, every post, and every meme must be fact-checked . . . . . .  but not a ballot. You’ve just crossed over into . . . the Twilight Zone. Thanks, @realEscanor

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GK Was Forward Thinking

“Representative government has many minor disadvantages, one of them being that it is never representative.” -G.K. Chesterton

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On Being Afraid

“Cutting out a man’s tongue doesn’t make people think he’s a liar. It makes them think you’re afraid of what he has to say” –Tyrion Lannister Any current application of this idea that you can think of?

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Did You Ever Notice?

Did you ever notice all the ads and posts about getting out the vote, but wonder why there are no ads about educating yourself as to the facts and listening to different news sources to make an informed decision? Did … Continue reading

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The Week In Review (No Politics. . . Mostly)

Things are starting to settle down and I’m not having to commute 262 miles each day.  Thank you to the owner of my company for providing me a place to stay. Driving that much leaves little time or mental reserves … Continue reading

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And It Makes Me Wonder

No, not Stairway to Heaven, but this online, word quiz that I received today. Considering the current, political climate, I think this question may have more than one correct answer. So today, after 23 days of political sobriety, I need … Continue reading

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Dropping In A Few Seeds

The first, full week of my cold turkey withdrawal from my “political addiction” is going better than expected. In the last seven days, I have yet to post, re-post, or comment on anything political on social media, save a few … Continue reading

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Ol’ Black Eyes Nails It

It was the Summer of 1972 and having just a few dollars saved up, I went shopping with my grandparents at the Two Guys Department Store on Rt. 22 in Union, NJ. At the age of 12, my goal that … Continue reading

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I’ve Grown Weary. Peace Out.

Around the age of 30, I started on my path towards becoming a political junkie and ultimately a political addict. It was thirty years ago is when I canceled my subscription to  The Village Voice and replaced it with The … Continue reading

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