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Aside from my grandchildren, this is one of the most beautiful photographs I ever recall seeing. I cannot stop looking at it. I’ll leave it at that. Thanks to bluehome91, in-my-minds-eye-2349 & mutant-distraction

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A Sure Sign Of Boredom

Someone I have known for a very long time posted a story on FB the other day that included the photo below.  Having the luxury of reading her story, I knew exactly what this was, especially since I have seen … Continue reading

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Life’s Viewfinder

Life is like a camera.  . .  Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times. . . develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out. . . Just take another shot. -unknown I suppose there is … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget

With all the craziness/hysteria taking place, remember to pause a moment, take a deep breath (unless someone just coughed near you) and look around and discover whatever beauty there may be within sight. A photo taken while on a pilgrimage … Continue reading

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A Crooked Tree Stands Naked

Driving down a back road the other day, I spied this tree and immediately (if not sooner) was reminded of a song by the Gainesville, FL  band, Sister Hazel. The song has a nice, philosophical spin to it. Photo by … Continue reading

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You Never Know

Saw a quote that said, “Speak to people in a way that if they died the next day you’d be satisfied with the last thing you said to them,” and I can’t emphasize this enough. Good point.  It does have … Continue reading

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I Got To Thinking

Yesterday, I posted Throwing Back & Looking Forward and I got to thinking about those days, especially the picture.  Let’s face it, it’s not one of ny better photographs, closed eyes and all. Who among us remembers taking a roll … Continue reading

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A Flag Factoid

I saw something today that noted that the American flag planted by the Apollo XI crew on the surface of the moon, (or some desert in Arizona for all you conspiracists) cost $5.50 and was purchased at a Sears Department … Continue reading

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On Worry

“Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening. It just stops you from enjoying the good.” unknown   I took this photograph eight years ago today

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This photo, of the Sea of Galilee, was taken and texted to me by a friend who was visiting the Holy Land a few weeks back. I have been intrigued by the photo and have spent a good deal of … Continue reading

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