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This photo, of the Sea of Galilee, was taken and texted to me by a friend who was visiting the Holy Land a few weeks back. I have been intrigued by the photo and have spent a good deal of … Continue reading

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A Pocket Full Of Memories

I fell and hit my head last night. Nothing serious, but it did shake loose a few memories that I decided to share this afternoon. It was 1982-83 and I was completing my studies at the once venerable Cincinnati College … Continue reading

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Saturday Photo Dump

I believe it is my BB (Blogging buddy) Steve Layman who coined the phrase “Photo Dump” to denote clearing off all the accumulated photographs on your desktop that you planned to use for some blog post that just never came … Continue reading

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Parking Rules

The sign says it all. . . and it applies to fire engines also.

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“Listen in silence because if your heart is full of other things, you cannot hear the voice of God. . .  The essential thing is not what we say, but what God says to us and through us” Saint Teresa … Continue reading

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A PSA That Matters

Courtesy of Kurt Harden and Greg Gutfield. A PSA by everyday people. The real truth in advertising. Have a great week everybody!!

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Eleven Hours

The Difference Eleven Hours Can Make Disclaimer:  Just before leaving home, I decided to throw my camera case in the car.  Due to chronic, “iphone-itis”, my Olympus E-420 spends most of the year safely tucked away in its Pelican case, … Continue reading

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. . .And The World Was Changed Forever

But not necessarily for the better. The first ever selfie dates back to 1839 when a photography enthusiast named Robert Cornelius tried to take a photograph. He had to stay still for 3 minutes! Those were the days.

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So Simple A Dog Understands

Thought for the Day. I’ve been sick and NEEDED a doctor.  I’ve encountered trouble and NEEDED a police officer. I’ve lived through times of war when our nation NEEDED our military. I’ve NEEDED a farmer 3 times a day. I … Continue reading

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Monday Wisdom

   As we start a new week full of opportunities and surprises, let us keep in mind that sometimes an easier way works just as well as following the instructions.

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